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How to Increase Personal Injury Accident Claims in Dubai or United Arab Emirates?

The number of car accident deaths in UAE during the first eight months of 2014 was 463, a Ministry of Interior report suggests. Sudden swerving, speeding, failure to observe safe distance and other traffic law violations were the most common causes of such lethal outcomes. Though a decrease in the traffic-related injuries has been observed, the number is still relatively high.

If you drive in the country, you should be prepared for al kinds of situations. Having the right insurance type and knowing how to make a personal injury claim in the case of a traffic accident are both of uttermost importance. You should prepare for such worst-case scenarios in advance. Knowing how to act in the case of an emergency will make it much easier for you to increase the personal injury car accident claim.

What does it take to reach the right injury settlement? The following insurance claims advice will make it much easier for you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Dubai Car Accident Check

In case you choose to buy a used vehicle during your stay in Dubai, always make sure that it hasn’t been in an accident already. If this is the case, the amount of your possible insurance compensation could be severely reduced.

Furthermore, you might need to go through a lengthy and expensive repair procedure, so make sure you consider all the pros and cons. Buying a new car may prove to be more practical and it can even save you money in the long run. In addition, such vehicles are often equipped with better safety features (which guarantees your wellbeing and could even reduce the insurance premiums you’ll have to pay).

The Importance of having the Right Insurance

Take your time to choose the right insurance company and the right policy. Both of these will be essential for getting the compensation that you deserve in the case of a car accident claim.

The best companies will provide you with both medical and financial compensation. They will save your time and trouble. Always shop around before choosing one insurance quote or another. Comparing the options side by side will enable you to identify the differences and pinpoint the most lucrative terms and conditions.

Look at the Fine Print before Signing Anything

Never ignore the fine print. Read all of the agreement information before accepting the insurance policy that’s being offered to you. There should be no hidden fees or conditions disabling you from getting financial compensation in the case of an accident.

If you don’t understand any of the terms and conditions, ask the insurance company rep for a clarification. Make sure that you’re aware of all the specifics. Take your time, think about it and don’t sign anything that you feel uncomfortable with.

Inform Your Insurer of Modifications

Make sure you contact your insurer before you decide to make any modifications to your car. You might be a little uncomfortable with leaving your car with scratches for several weeks, but this is the better option.

In fact, some insurance companies refuse to pay the maximum amount available in case of modifications.

Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer


Making a car accident personal injury claim in another country can be difficult because you aren’t aware of local regulations and specifics. The best way to deal with this hardship involves the selection of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

It’s a wise idea to choose an attorney even before you choose an insurance policy. Your lawyer can guide you through the process and help you pick the option that will be best suited to your needs.

The lawyer should also be the first person to call in the case of an accident. Your attorney can help you overcome the initial shock and undertake all of the measures that will be essential for increasing the personal injury accident claim.

Check the reputations of different professionals and look for online reviews. Just like in the case of picking an insurance company, you should also enough questions in advance. All of your accident insurance claims questions should be answered in a professional and easy to understand manner. The communication style of a lawyer is as important, as their experience in the field of insurance claims for a car accident.

Take Pictures

There are several essentials you need to do, if you get involved in a car accident. For a start, make sure you take a lot of pictures of the scene. Pay specific attention to any damages to your car and include some of the other driver’s vehicle. Lots of pictures will undoubtedly serve as essential proof for an insurance claim.

Here are some details that you might want to capture on camera just in case:

  • Damages of both vehicles (external and internal)
  • Pictures of nearby road signs, especially if they present speed limits
  • Weather conditions
  • The other car’s license plate and vehicle model
  • Skid marks, and other evidence on the road
  • Close-up shots of personal injuries or bruises
  • The exact positions of the vehicle immediately after the impact

Get a Medical Report

Regardless of the severity of personal injury, you need to see a certified healthcare provider. Your insurance company will need proof of trauma and injuries that were incurred during the accident.

A medical report is one of the most important documents for a successful personal injury claim. If you don’t know what to do or what to ask for from a physician, call your personal injury attorney and ask for guidance before visiting a medical center.

Car Accident Report

Police reports are of crucial importance in car accident claims. They are often seen as the best proof possible, even stronger than pictures and personal accounts of the accident.

Make sure you get a chance to review the report because it may contain some pretty useful information.

  • Names and addresses of witnesses willing to testify
  • Information about the other driver involved in the crash ( their insurance company, license, registration and personal details)
  • Specific quotes of the traffic violations that you have incurred
  • A diagram and rough description of how the accident occurred

The accident description needs to be completely accurate, so make sure you ask the officer to tell you exactly what they have noted down. This can save you all the insurance claims pain and suffering you can imagine.

Find Witnesses

There almost always will be witnesses around a car accident scene, so make sure you get in touch with them. Collect their names, addresses and any other personal information they might be willing to give. Also, make sure you ask them if they would be willing to make a statement in front of your insurance company. Some of the witnesses may be hesitant about speaking up, which is why establishing lines of communication in the minutes after an accident is so important.

If a witness is adamant about not speaking out, you may want to ask for a written statement. Their explanation could prove to be of vital importance during a car accident claim.

Don’t Withhold Any Information

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you everything that you need to know about making a statement and communicating with your insurance company after an accident. One of the most important tips you’re going to get is to refrain from withholding information.

Insurance companies carry out in-depth investigations before providing compensation. If you try to manipulate the events and facts, chances are that the insurers will find out. In such instances, your chances of getting a satisfactory personal injury settlement will decrease.

Keep Record of Car Insurance Claims

In case you have gotten into several accidents, always make sure you retain the paperwork from the previous occasions.

Increasing the personal injury accident claim in Dubai will depend on the experience of your attorney and the amount of information that you’re capable of providing. Obtaining the necessary paperwork and looking for witnesses after a car crash will certainly be challenging. Still, these steps will ensure your long-term wellbeing. Pull yourself up, call your lawyer and complete all of the essentials. If you manage to do so, you’ll increase your chances of insurance claim success exponentially.


DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer. For specific or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact us.

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    • Adele Smiddy
      September 21, 2015, 12:37 pm


      Would it be possible for you to offer me advice on possibly taking a claim against ( I realise I may have left it too late)

      1.Dubai Healthcare City-Incident 2006.
      2.Al Zahara Hospital- I have the medical report. Same Incident 2006.

      I slipped in wet cement at work in Dubai Healthcare City in Al Razi Building in 2007. At the time I was a Sales Specialist-showing Doctors around the newly constructed Al Razi building.I am back nursing now as an Assistant Director of Nursing in a Nursing Home in Dublin.
      I was mis diagnosed by Al Zahra Hospital in 2006.
      In 2010 I had a hip replacement due to severe arthritis from undiagnosed hairline fracture from Al Zahara in my right hip.
      I still suffer today as I had a complication post operatively – trendelenburg gait, due to the muscle wasting from waiting for the surgery for a year.

      I was 43yrs of age when I had my hip replacement at American Hospital.

      Kind regards

      Adele Smiddy


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      • Sarah
        October 24, 2015, 2:34 pm

        Hi, Adele.. yes its possible to claim.. You need to be here as we need a police report from Dubai Police approving of the accident.. what is the claimed amount you are looking for?

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    • sunghye Yoon
      June 20, 2017, 8:42 pm


      I got an accident on29 of May.
      Someone hit my car from back.

      Police came to the scene but he didnt see my car and gave me green form.
      He said you can leave and go to your insurance company.
      I left the scene after taking the green form.
      After the day I got started suffering low back pain and neck.
      I could not work for 3weeks.

      While My car have been repaired and go to hospital I have to pay for transportation.

      Ii would like to know in this case can I claim for compensation of medical, financial things?

      Thank you so much

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