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The Status of SMEs in Debt and In Collecting Debts

A bank finances businesses be it SMEs or tycoons. However, the interest rates would depend on how big the amount is loaned. A study has been conducted for weeks duration about how exactly a real estate industry along with low-oil costs may have a knock-...

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The Proceedings of UAE Lawyers in Collecting Debts

Big oil and gas, service or buildings, mainly, will likely stretch their payment provisions but would typically pay their due through their UAE lawyers. The payment behavior of national firms is appropriate but would differ considerably from one sector to...

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Debt Recovery Solutions in UAE

Debt recovery solutions in UAE have been very challenging for individuals to whom cash has been loaned by other people, to the extent that they require help from debt professionals. When letters are ignored by your debtor, who makes false assurances an...

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How to Recover Commercial Debt in the UAE Professionally

These days, you will find lots of laws covering commercial debt in UAE collection practices, protecting lenders and debtors equally. The laws will vary depending on whether the debt collection concerns a debt that is commercial or is a consumer debt. Wh...

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