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Consultations from advocates are more likely interviews, where you discuss with your lawyer your complaint or case and the lawyers give advice on how to fix it. Normally, clients will see two or three lawyers to seek for options and opinions which can be very expensive. Lawyers sometimes waive consultation fees. Consultations will allow you feel and weigh which lawyer is best fitted to handle your case.

Here are certain ways to get consultation from a professional advocate:

1. Make a list of the lawyers you would like to see. You may also ask your relatives and friends for recommendations. Call the lawyers office and ask if they do free consultations. Let them know what you need; this is normally the basis of giving the advice for free. The old-school way of getting lawyers is through the phonebook and by calling law firms. Ask them if they give consultations.

2. Today the most convenient way of getting free consultations are through the Internet. There are numerous online lawyers who are always ready to answer your questions. Several website offer services where you can email them with your concerns. A qualified advocate from these law firms will answer you via email. Our Consultation Charges are between AED 500 to AED 2000/- applicable depending the time put-in for the legal advice.

Internet lawyer consultations give you chances to reach out numerous attorneys at once. Other websites gives you a drop menu option of the type of law and case that you are concerned of. Write a detailed description of your incident and ask clearly your questions. There are many topics you can choose from – accident, business law, family law, labor law, estate planning, criminal law, immigration law, government law, etc.

There are diverse law per country and region. So be sure to include in your e-mail what country you are from.

3. There also other online paid consultations who offer limited conference time with a lawyer. Unlike via email, this can be very limited and straightforward since the time given can be from 30 minutes to an hour.

The way you get consultation matters as this will be your first step on making sure that you get the right lawyer. Whether you got them online or from calling then with the help of the yellow pages, consultations are big advances when solving your case. Be sure to follow your instinct on choosing the right lawyers who will work on your case. consultations from advocates are try-outs if you are comfortable working and if you can fully give your trust to them.

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  • Good Morning,

    I would like to get a format of MOU which will be signed between two real estate brokerage firms where the main purpose of the MOU would be to share property details that both of us can never approach the landlords/Tenants/Buyers/Sellers of the properties shared between eachother.

    Eg. – Our Buyer, their Seller. They can’t approach our buyer ever for anything and vice versa.

    This has to be the case for all types of deals in a Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Also, all commission/Top ups made in each deal is to be shared equally between both the parties. That has to be kept transparent.

    Please help me out.


  • Hello,

    I’m contacting you in regards of required consultation via mail or conference call with a possibility for a fee to be paid online.

    Below is a situation in question of a dear friend of mine and we would appreciate your earliest & kind reply:

    My friend, originally from Serbia, has been working in Qatar for several years up until few months ago.
    During her Annual Leave, personal issues have happened therefor she was not able to come back to Qatar.
    She had a Personal Loan & Credit Card debt in approx. amount of 370 000 QAR in a local bank.
    Now after finalising her issues she managed to get a job offer in Dubai UAE.

    Questions she need an answer to, from a legal point of view:

    1. Would she be able to enter UAE with no issue?
    2. Would she have any issue with working visa issuance in UAE?
    3. Would it be an issue opening an Account in any of the UAE banks?

    Please bear in mind she did get a divorce in between, where she took back her maiden name and therefor has newly issued passport.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Looking forward to your prompt reply.


  • I am an Indian expat living in Dubai last 20 years, I am planning to own a motor Home (RV) in UAE, is there any legal obligations to purchase and staying in the Motor Home.

  • Dear sir,
    i am from India, now i m working in dubai, unfortunately my marriage certificate is wrongly printed my name as in surname , surname is place in my name place.

    for example
    NAME : ABC
    SUR NAME : 123

    according to my UAE ID my name mention as ABC 123

    but my marriage certificate my name mention as 123 ABC

    still not attest my marriage certificate, any problem will come for attestation?,

    i want to clear my marriage certificate from UAE , kindly give me a suggestion and what are thing i do it for correct it.

    i want to add my wife name in my passport.


  • Hello,
    I am a resident of UAE for the last 13 years, established a company in UAE, and own a business. Last year in February 2014, the other party filed a police case against me for a bounced cheque amounting to about 1.3 million AED. The other party gave me this amount as loan in exchange of equipment worth more than this amount, which I gave to them, and there exists a Loan Contract for the same. At that time, since I did not have the money I kept quiet, the police sent the file to the court, and a criminal case was filed with 2 years jail sentence for me in case I cannot give the money back. During early August 2014, I got the money and made arrangements to call the other party through the court committee several times to return my equipment, take their money back, and mutually settle this criminal case by withdrawing it. The other party had been avoiding all the time to settle this matter. Maybe they do not have my equipment , or maybe they sold the equipment or maybe they have damaged my equipment and cannot return it in its original condition or even their intention might be to keep my equipment as well as get their money back at the same time taking advantage of the UAE Bounced Cheque Law.
    Then I filed a civil case in this connection by relating the criminal case and at the same time I could manage to obtain bail (release) for me for which my and my wife’s and one of my colleague’s passports were deposited to the court as guarantee. The criminal case was being heard at the court and after four hearings, the judge decided to release judgement in the 5th hearing which happened end of last month. The judgement was ruled as “To Keep The Previous Ruling Effective, ie 2 Years Jail Sentence If Money Is Not Paid”. For more than 10 days after that, because the judgement paper was not officially signed and released to me, I filed an appeal and the court accepted it and gave me the receipt. The court has announced the date of hearing for the appeal case by the end of the 3rd week of this month. Just yesterday, I got the official judgement paper and I filed an application to continue my release based on facts that our three passports will continue to be kept as guarantee and it is already with the court.
    My questions:
    1. What happens if the court does not sanction the bail (release)?
    2. If the court does not grant bail and while attending the appeal hearing on the date assigned at the court, can the police arrest me?
    3. If the bail is not granted, can I deposit the owed cheque amount to the court before the appeal hearing date and settle the criminal case and withdraw our passports and names removed from the blacklist? In this situation can the criminal case be resolved and I am only left with the option to justify myself true in the civil case?
    4. Do I still face risk of going to jail, even though I settle the bounced cheque amount at any stage of the court ruling?

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