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  • Open a criminal case in police station against the company owner and make him ‘wanted’ by the police.
  • Coordinate all the paper work required between the bank and the police station.
  • Follow the case in court from start to end.
  • Carry out all the paper work required in order to do the settlement and drop the case.


  • Open a civil case in court against the company owner.
  • Prepare all the required documents to be presented in court as part of the
  • Follow the case in court from start to end.
  • Ensure travel ban is implemented till such time claim is not settled.
  • Carry out all the paper work required in order to do the settlement and drop the case


  • Recover signed invoices payment for the client from the market.
  • Negotiate with the party and work out an amicable solution that is in the interest
  • Settle the matter by avoiding the legal route.


  • Consult and advise the SME on ways to protect themselves from legal financial loop holes in their business.
  • Consult on contractual terms that would safeguard their interests.
  • Bail out the SME from legal trouble if an unfortunate situation arises. Work out a plan of action to settle the matter with least financial and reputation damage.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lawyers UAE have broad experience helping as arbitrators, mediators or advocates in arbitral proceedings. The disputing parties can avail the disputes, arbitration & ADR are practically for the reason that they have more control over the ultimate outcome.

Banking And Finance

We provide services from acquisition finance to securitization. Our team is comprised of experienced lawyers especially in the wide array of finance litigation and insolvency.

Commercial Law

Our team has an extensive experience in working on bank cases, both representing and working on cases against financial institutions. We provide wide-ranging legal services in all areas of commercial codes including selling, buying, import, export, transportation, brokerage and security laws and regulations. Lawyers UAE help in finishing contracts & proxies, technology communication and banking legislation.

Family Law

We at Lawyers UAE, are all committed to the sensitive handling of all cases from the attestation of documents to relevant parties. Our Family Law Services cover divorce, child custody, alimony and more.


Our lawyers are well experienced in supporting several companies on the formation and initial financing of insurance enterprises. Our lawyers represent insurers, re-insurers, insured, agents, brokers, and underwriters in different forums and litigation. We represent clients in alternative dispute resolution and are articulate in all forms of mediation procedures hence, settlement of claims.

Intellectual Property

We provide clear services on patent and copyrights registration in order to provide lawful protection including searching and evaluating art production, transferring property, darting distribution proxies, agreements and coordinating for the registration of programs inside and outside the U.A.E.

Labor and Employment

We help in dealing with issues concerning workers compensation, employee benefits, discrimination at the workplace, and other employment legal circumstances. The lawyers at Lawyers UAE always give advice to employers about the varying federal and local laws regulating the labor sector of the country and all aspects of labor and employment relations.

Civil Litigation

Our firm specializes in all aspects of civil law including but not limited to compensation, debt collection, breach of contracts and more. We are skillful in handling insurance cases and provide legal services in motor, fire, life and industrial insurance. Our team associates have wide experiences with compensation cases.

Criminal Litigation

Lawyers UAE is a team of licensed Legal Professionals who handle case from police investigation to prosecution and criminal court. We represent clients who are accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the U.A.E.  fairly, legally and fully throughout the entire justice process.

Maritime Law

We at Lawyers UAE are qualified to handle maritime disputes like drafting maritime contracts, reviewing of investments and providing legal assistance; drafting contracts for the sale, purchase and building of vessels; marine insurance and more.

Property Law

Most property crimes came from the failure of one of the parties to complete its commitment based on the contract signed by both parties – developer and investor (owner) or two developers. Lawyers UAE will try to resolve the dispute amicably by proceeding for settlement. We could also send legal notices before formalizing the criminal or real estate cases. Then, we register claims with the UAE Courts.

Wills, Trusts & Estates Disputes

When people passed away and have not made their Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney for Care (or Living Will) it causes undesirable and inadvertent disputes and consequences among-st family members, third parties, and/or creditors, especially if residing in a foreign country where you are unfamiliar with the law of wills, inheritance, trusts, and estates.

We at Lawyers UAE help you to prepare your family’s financial and legal affairs.   People often do not leave clear instructions of how their assets are to be dealt with after they have passed away.

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