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Our success is a result of our reputation for delivering legal services on time and on budget.

Amal Khamis Advocates and Legal Consultants (Lawyers UAE) always maintain competence in the field of legal services with the support of qualified human resources that have extensive knowledge and necessary experience in the legal field. Amal Khamis Advocates stay on the cutting edge of legal services with our talented team, who bring knowledge and experience to every case.

Besides being knowledgeable in the law, and experienced in advising on transactions, we understand that what matters most to our clients is the outcome.

Our consultants are legal professionals with qualifications acquired in a variety of international jurisdictions. Their extensive training and experience enable them to offer high-quality legal advice and expertise in every legal case.

Our Legal Team

Advocates, Lawyers, Legal Consultants & Legal Professionals

Advocate Amal Khamis

Advocate and Founder


Litigation and Criminal Law

Advocate Salam Al Jabri

Litigation and Business Law

Mona Ahmad Fawzi

Legal Manager and Criminal

Khamis Haider

Legal Consultant


Legal Consultant

Mai Al Safty

Legal Consultant

Ahmed Hasseb Soliman

Legal Consultant

Sayed Mohamed Abdul Aziz

Legal Consultant

Khaled Elnakib

Legal Consultant

Al Gendi Ahmed Al Gendi

Legal Consultant

Raj Jain

Client Success Manager

Hana Saad

Legal Consultant

Hesham Hegazy

Legal Administrator

Ihab Al Nuzahi

Legal administrator

Shrouq Alghobashy

Legal Secretary

Qualifications and Skills of Our Lawyers

To become a practicing legal consultant in the UAE, individuals must meet certain licensing requirements:

  • Hold an advanced university degree in law
  • Possess relevant legal training and certification
  • Register with the UAE Ministry of Justice
  • Maintain membership in the Emirates Lawyers Association

Additionally, the most sought-after legal consultants also demonstrate:

  • In-depth knowledge of UAE legislation and jurisprudence
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities
  • Sound judgment and commercial awareness
  • Fluency in Arabic and English

Over time, our legal consultants have built domain experience through working with clients in specific industries like healthcare, construction, real estate, technology or media, marine, criminal and family law.

With the right legal consultant by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape, propelling your business towards success.

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