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How to Avoid Top Cyber Crime Cases

Cyber crimes are top criminal cases around the world. The World Wide Web is programmed to make hand-on jobs easier. But it is a sad fact that these machines and programs are abused and used for crimes. Criminals find it very accessible and easier to commit these abuses online. They can easily do that inside their homes. It is also easier for them to trap victims since the Internet is connected globally.

Learn how to avoid the top cybercrime cases:

  1. Identity Theft. Posting photos and personal information over social networking sites can magnet cyber crime criminals. They may use your name and photos in dealing online transactions and get you in trouble by committing fraud. Social sites are not giving options for private sharing of information and photos.
  1. Cyber Harassment and Bullying. The social media connects people around the globe through sharing of information and photos. However, netizens (internet citizens) can use this as a tool for bullying. Posting obscene and offensive comments towards gender, appearance, race, religion, nationality, etc. This is just the same as verbal harassment; it just happens that it is posted online where almost everybody can read it. Bullying over the Internet is starting to be a major problem since this causes humiliation and anxiety to the person attacked. This is an increasing factor for suicides nowadays.
  1. Fraud and Scams. Online selling is a promising business venture. However, this popular type of business is being abused. This happens when an online business fails to deliver promised items. They could easily delete their websites or social media account for them to be untraceable. This is a rampant problem for cyber crimes. Since there is no personal transaction, payments are made through paypals or creditcards. Once verified, the scammers can no longer be found online.
  2. Cyber Terrorism. Big terrorist groups get into the government’s system to find loopholes in security using hackers. Overriding the systems can map security holes, change programs and get information from top priority secrets. This can very destructive and dangerous.

Unfortunately, most countries don’t have clear laws on cybercrimes. This is a bit difficult to establish since dealing with the Internet is quite tricky. Cybercrimes are also new to the legal scene. However, if you have encountered such cyber crimes, it is still best to talk to a lawyer and get advices.

Most cybercrimes can still relate to non-cybercrimes – harassment, scams, etc. Lawyers will find a way on how to defend your case. If you buy something online, be sure to read customer feedback. Get the sellers name, address, contact numbers, etc. They normally send you a bank account where you can deposit your payment. List this all down so that if they won’t deliver, you can present these to your lawyers for demand. In cases like bullying, print out the page for evidence and documentation. Lawyers will definitely know how to handle cyber harassment cases.

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