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Daycare Injury


The moment you entrust your child under the supervision of a daycare or a school, it is only natural for you to expect that your little one will be safe and sound during his/her stay within the facility.

A daycare injury can happen anytime.

Daycare workers can act negligently

Daycares are expected to have the best interests of a child in mind to minimize risks they might get exposed to and treat the situation as if the children are their own. Sadly, this is not the case all the time. 

A specialised daycare injury attorney will help you

A daycare injury can happen anytime. Daycare or school staff and workers can act negligently and make mistakes and this often results to injuries. But, don’t feel helpless if your child is involved in a daycare accident. A specialised daycare injury attorney will help you get the rightful compensation for the sustained injuries of your child and make sure that the same problem won’t happen again.

Breach of Duty

There are many ways to violate or breach the standard of care. Staff can be inattentive during outdoor and indoor activities. The centers or their operators and owners may also breach their duty of care if they fail to properly maintain playground equipment, restroom facilities, and classroom equipment; they fail to provide reasonably sanitary and clean environment; or they allow kids access to items that post choking injury risks.

Daycare centers offering transportation might also be negligent in failing to supervise drivers, hiring inadequate drivers, failing to properly maintain and inspect vehicles, and failing to make sure that kids are correctly strapped in and seated.

Negligence Actions for Daycare Injuries

If your child suffers from injury in a daycare center or in a school because of a negligent staff, you can bring an action in negligence to help you recover damages for sustained injuries of your child. If the environment of the center is carelessly designed or arranged in such a way that can pose danger to kids, the center owner or the person hired by the owner to set the center up is liable in negligence action for the resulting sustained injuries of a child.

Understanding the Rules of Child Abuse and Neglect

If your kid gets hurt while under supervision of a babysitter, daycare center, or someone else responsible for caring for them, you can file for a negligent supervision case. In such instances, the person who accepted responsibility for your kid but acts inattentively or carelessly might be sued for negligence.

You need evidence to that the organization or person accepted the responsibility of taking care of your child to prove a negligent supervision case. You also need to prove the caregiver’s failure to monitor your kid properly. You have to prove that the injury of your child was preventable and foreseeable and the failure of the supervisor to properly monitor your child has resulted to an injury.

There are extreme child abuse cases while under a responsible party’s care including kicking and hitting. These are devastating and terrifying cases to both the kids and parents and it is important to pursue justice actively in the court of law for them to be liable for the damages.

Contact a Child Injury Attorney

Contact a child injury attorney right away to get a dedicated, aggressive, and experienced representation who will fight for you and your child’s rights and receive full compensation.

negligence in a childcare facility

Our lawyers have more than 35 years of experience with daycare negligence cases and are here to help. 

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