Defective Products/Medicines Claims


All types of products, from household items, to toys, tools, vehicles, and industrial machines must be made and produced in a safe way. The manufacturer should identify all foreseeable hazards.

Defective Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

a personal injury attorney to help you pursue a defective product or medicine claim.

These hazards should then be warned about, guarded against and designed away. But, if you suffer from an injury because of any product or medicine, you can talk to a personal injury attorney to help you pursue a defective product or medicine claim.

Every year, millions of prescription medications are written to help ease or cure the effects of a disease or illness. While many pharmaceutical products and medicines are effective and safe, these products can still harm users. Most of the time, drug companies prioritize their shareholders and profits over patient safety.

Many people fail to research the medicines prescribed to them by their doctors. People seldom assume that doctor prescribed drugs won’t cause any harm. But, for the past few years, various drugs showed the importance of knowing what medications you put in your system. A specialised defective medicine claims lawyer can help victims of harmful prescription medications. With a successful lawsuit against pharmaceutical defects, you can recover compensation for costs of prescription drugs, medical bills as well as other suffered losses due to a dangerous drug.

Types of Product Defects

There are three types of defects on products that make up product liability claims:

  • Design defects happen when a product has a faulty design that caused your injury. Two standards are used for determining design defects, namely the risk-utility standard and the consumer expectations standard. Consumer expectations standard has something to do with how a product didn’t live up to consumer’s expectations. Meanwhile, risk-utility standard deals with whether or not the use of a product outweighed the risks of using it.
  • Insufficient warnings on products are when products fail to correctly warn consumers of potential dangers and risks involved with their use. For instance, the ladder you recently purchased didn’t have a manufacturing defect yet it didn’t warn you of its weight limit, causing it to break when you were placing a huge box on a top shelf.
  • Manufacturing defects are somewhat different since the product might feature a sound design but is defective because of a manufacturing error. For instance, most of the ladders that a company manufactures may work fine but the ladder you purchased broke and made you fall because of an incorrectly attached rung. In such cases, the design of the product is not defective but it was a manufacturing error instead.

A defective product or medicine

A defective product or medicine claims attorney has the necessary experience to help you negotiate settlements with the insurance companies as well as other parties in your behalf. These lawyers are also skilled trial attorneys knowledgeable on how to best represent you during your product liability case at trial in the most aggressive manner. They will also explain to you all your legal options, guide you during the legal procedure and work hard to solve your legal concerns.

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If you have suffered injury as a result of the use of a pharmaceutical drug, you may have a defective products claim. You need the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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