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Divorce Procedures in Dubai

Islamic Sharia Law for Divorce

The Islamic Sharia law governs divorce cases. Sharia principles makes it harder for the alienated couple to split, unless the judge is completely convinced the union is not going to work. Step one in the divorce procedure would be to file a case in Family Guidance Section and the Moral . The documents will soon be forwarded to the court in the event the couple, or either of them insists on divorce. Non-Muslims may require their home countries’ laws to be employed in their own cases.

Expatriates can apply for Divorce

Non-Muslims as well as other expatriates can apply for divorce in the UAE or within their home country (domicile). It may be rewarding to consult an experienced divorce lawyer, who’ll attempt to work out an amicable resolution for the two sides.

The couple will say their motives for attempting to break up the union. The divorce will likely be given in the event the judge finds the motives to be satisfactory. Some believe that the husband just needs to request three times to divorce (Talaq) to the divorce as well as the wife is finalized. This isn’t officially standing and is just a symbolic gesture. On the other hand, the divorce can be granted by the judge on those reasons, but the divorce isn’t legal unless it is granted by the courts.

After Talaq, the wife, under Sharia Law, must watch Iddat. Iddat continues 3 months. In this method the husband is permitted to insist his wife return to the union. If after the three months the girl still needs the divorce, the union will be dissolved by the judge. The husband can ask for the procedure of Talaq on three different occasions but can simply insist she return two of the three times.

How long does it take for Divorce?

This generally is determined by the intricacy of the issue but may be three to six months, occasionally more, with respect to the case.

Because the Islamic Sharia law governs divorce cases, it may be difficult for the alienated couple to distinguish as the judge should be totally convinced the union is not going to work.

Once you’ve made a decision to submit an application for divorce, confirm you’re able and of sound mind to make your personal alternatives. The issue is subsequently filed in Family Guidance Section and the Moral in the Dubai Court. Soon afterwards, a counsellor meets with the couple before starting the divorce procedure, to talk about their issues to find out if you have any possibility of reconciliation.

In the event the couple are residents in the UAE and both Muslims/Non-Muslims, Sharia/UAE law will probably be applied for their divorce.

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