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Dubai Courts Cases Increased by 11%

Dubai CourtsDubai Courts are supplying its services to customers via programs that are easy to create and help customers finish their trades readily. In 2014, 118,007 cases were filed by Dubai Courts, and 130,811 cases were filed in 2015 – an 11% increase in cases filed.

The litigation procedure in Dubai is now really simple, as 217 services by Dubai Courts have gone smart and can be found on one platform.

New Standards

“Dubai Courts establish new standards to the procedure for litigation by the best international criteria. We’re also eager to offer a prompt judgment of cases in line with our vision of being initiating and internationally prominent Courts, with precision and transparency. This obligation intends to make customers happy by offering the required facilities to get services readily and handily,” Al Daheri included.

Dubai Courts not only ease the procedure for litigants but also for workers, attorneys and other stakeholders.

Dubai Courts introduced Mabade – a program for Legal Principles to provide principles and legal provisions in commercial, civil, criminal, labor and private status fields issued by the Court of Cassation in Dubai since its start. The program’s features include easy accessibility, advanced search, as well as the capacity to send conclusions and the legal principles by e-mail. It’s built to function for all parties involved with legal actions, prosecutors, attorneys, and judges.

The Courts succeeded in realizing the vision of Dubai’s direction in smart authorities, in addition to keeping pace with technological developments around the globe. Now, most of its services can be found around the clock and through stations that are smart.

Dubai Courts was among the very first government departments in Dubai to get the transformation that is smart, which allows customers to make use of its services.

Warning by 42% as on-line blackmail cases in Dubai  Courts increase

Online blackmail is growing at an alarming speed, authorities say.

“There continues to be an upsurge in the number of instances of blackmail,” Mr. Al Mazaina said.

“Offenders look for his or her casualties using social media. A lot of people will not be protecting their privacy. They’re posting their private details on their social networking pages.”

She One of the suspects shot video and took pictures of the girls, nude, or paid for his or her travel expenses after she tempted them in compromising situations.

Her case was among 300 reports made a year ago, which is up from 212 in 2013 and 80 in 2014.

In a different case, a guy was detained by Sharjah Authorities in January after he hacked into a girl’s social media accounts, using them and stealing her pictures and videos.

-One of its purposes will be to spread knowledge about social networking solitude.

Mr. Al Mazaina said lots of the cases started with blackmailers hunting through their social networks online for his or her casualties. Then they question the victim to get a video chat.

Unless cash is paid in the event the invitation is accepted, the offender will attempt to get the casualty into a compromising situation that’s later used against them, with risks of posting a video or picture.

“This holds the casualty under pressure, and in addition in a few occurrences it results in suicide,” said Mr. Al Mazaina, alluding to some present case in Kuwait.

The rise of cyber bullying cases in Dubai Courts prompted authorities to establish Al Ameen service, he explained.

A national law was issued to fight cyber crimes. It contains fines and jail terms for people who blackmailed and intruded on the privacy of others. Mr. Al Mazaina encouraged folks to contact Al Ameen if cyber extortionists threatened them.

“They ensure secrecy and have opened this route to create individuals feel safe and report such events,” he said.

Internet service providers are notified and told to block the use of this content when events are reported.

“In other cases, if it is a link with social media, we’ve got direct contact with those firms to have them remove the information,” said Mr. Al Mazaina.

Police forces have issued similar on-line blackmail warnings all over the world, including those in Great Britain, Canada, Nigeria and Australia.

Dubai Courts Service Guide Tips & FAQ

The measures:

  1. Make a verbal request with all demands and files that reveal the departure of an individual. The name of the share in the bequest of each one them, as well as heirs, are determined.

Processes of Series Certification are as follow:


  1. To submit an application, include the name and capability of the applicant as the heir of his or her deceased solicitor or custodian, caretaker, or another individual who’ll confirm his interest. The application should include name, nationality, the name of the dead person and the period of the heirs.
  2. Attach documents confirming the identity of heirs and applicant together with the ability of evidence or applicant of his interest.

The measures:

  1. Enrollment in the Central Services Section of application.
  2. The applicant notified of chamber and hearing session.
  3. The presence of candidate for testimony with two witnesses in the trial session.
  4. Delivery of Certification following the court session from Bequest section in the Bequest Section.

Dubai Case status that associated with the cash of the minor and safeguarding, managing and investing it.

  • Making a lawyer for him and establishment of the lack of an absent man or a lost one. An absent individual is a missing a person who it is uncertain as to whether he’s dead or living, and their address is unknown.
  • Application for appointment and interdiction of a caretaker. Interdiction would be to limit a man coping with his property due to incompetence, insanity or lunacy.
  • Making a judicial assistant double impairment from these (stupid, deaf and blind) to express the intent of beneficiary in fiscal deals, etc.
  • Naming a guard to safeguard small/minor’s interests.

There are measures and conditions that need to be followed:

The conditions:

  • Pay the legal fees.

The measures:

  • The presence of the hearing sessions.
  • The case is other than that or seen until a verdict or a ruling is issued.
  • The file will likely be transferred to the public prosecution, and the applicant will probably be notified to refer publication.
  • A session held following the file comes in the federal trial, and the involved parties are notified regarding the place and time of the meeting.

Do you know the kinds of Personal Matters Cases in Dubai Courts?

Cases arise from family relationships, such as filiation, motherhood, fatherhood, among others.

  • Evidence of Guardianship: a case where the claimant shows that the minors or the minor are in his Guardianship.
  • Guardianship Charge: a case raised the custodial other than the mother is asking to get a charge of the custody or by the divorced-.
  • Let Mom, Father or Grandpa view Child: This Is a case raised by a person who is requesting the custodial to let the kid be seen by him.
  • The kid visitations’ date can be modified but the interval dates si decided by the the court. Kids’ Care: a case raised from the dead compelling him to pay for his minors’ care.
  • Among them or Care of Parents: a case filed among the parents against an opulent son compelling him to pay upkeep for the person promised.
  • Divorce Settlement: a case filed by officially wedded girl against a husband who divorced her, and she is requesting reimbursement for the divorce.
  • Increasing, Decreasing or Falling of Care Sum: a case with someone that has interest in the increase or fall of the care sum determined by the Court previously.
  1. The Promise of Guardianship from the custodial in such case where the claimant requests that the court place the guardianship of the handover and custodial kid to him.

How Can an Individual Status Case File in Dubai Courts? A Care Case?

Dubai CourtsYou must meet the following conditions and measures.


To pay the legal fees.

The measures:

1- Defendant and Plaintiff will likely be notified of the time, date and venue of the hearing session.

2- If determined, to attend the hearing and subsequent hearings.

3- The Case is adjudicated until it finishes with the issuance of another verdict than that is the subject of the case.

It will be another case if the parents are under Dubai court marriage.

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