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Dubai PoliceThe Dubai Police Traffic Force is made up of 15,000 of the most powerful police officers in the United Arab Emirates.


To some recently built headquarters, a further move has been planned at present.

The Dubai Police power attempts to be the most “dynamic” of all Arabic police force and points its workers towards high training models. The power was the first to utilize numerous new law requirement strategies, including DNA testing and electronic fingerprinting. The power was in like manner the first to utilize GPS frameworks to discover stolen vehicles. In addition, the power was the first to add to a Human Rights Department, alongside the first to utilize a Community Policing programme.

The newest headquarters for the Dubai police traffic authorities is intended to be built in Deira, and the assumptions were designed with several thoughts in mind. Along with making simple access for the two members and officials of the public a priority, the fresh layout intends to divide the sections into various regions. The building features a central, multilevel space that is internal and is made to fit in with all the developing architecture of Dubai. The Dubai police force describes it as a “prominent constructional concept.”

Rundown of Dubai Police, UAE powers infringement and movement fines for:

  • driving offenses
  • fine amounts
  • auto and vehicle appropriation black points and seizing interims
  • driving permit suspension times

However, every emirate cases its own fines and expenses.

A new point system that is black additionally takes effect.

Traffic fines inquiry through Dubai police fine online payment:

The prison sentences recorded are maximum jail time. One month usually means 30 days, not 31 or 28 days.

The maximum points limitation that is black is 24 within a one-year interval. After reaching the black point limitation, if your traffic infraction is created, your driver’s licence is confiscated for the subsequent intervals:

  1. When black point limitation is reached in three months, confiscation follows the initial traffic infraction.
  2. A six-month confiscation occurs following the next traffic infraction.
  3. A 12-month confiscation will follow with the next traffic violation, and the driver must pass a driving lesson in a driving school below the power of the emirate where the third offence was perpetrated.

Speeding fines result in black points if you go more than 60km/hr over (12 points) or more than 50km/hr over the restriction (6 points). No black points are awarded is going between 0-50km/hr over as far as possible. Check traffic violation here by the Dubai Police Traffic websites.

Dubai Police Traffic Force Suggestions and Traffic Law Changes

Dubai PoliceNotice that acceptance from the UAE Federal Traffic Council will not mean a new law is in effect. Before becoming law, the changes still need to go to the UAE Federal Cabinet and the UAE Ministry of Interior. The time frame for changes that are planned could be years, months, or never.

28 Dec 2014 – Dubai RTA announced AED 600 charge that is programmed for private vehicles utilizing committed transport paths Jan 2014. The primary stage would put cameras on Naif Rd. Dubai Police watches would likewise pass out fines. The proclamation did not say what might happen after the completion of the interim. Vehicles are permitted to utilize the devoted transport paths, such as taxicabs, open transports, Dubai Police, Civil Defense, and ambulances on crisis calls. Private vehicles may utilize devoted paths to leave or enter streets that are abutting.

  1. Date punishments .
  2. Smoking in a private vehicle is punishable by 4 black points and AED 200 fine.
  3. Hefty vehicle (over 3 tonnes) motorists going via a red light fee of AED 5,000 fine and 23 black points (increased by 12 points).

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen said propositions under consideration comprised:

  • Girls adding makeup while driving their automobiles
  • Guys putting on their guitar while driving or getting dressed
  • Talking or texting on mobile phones while driving
  • Wearing shades at night while driving

*Law enforcement authorities are not permitted to issue safety belt fines in the absence of drivers.

16 Feb 2014 – UAE Traffic Council affirmed suggestion to diminish the minimum driving age from 18 to 17 years of age.


  • Prison for insignificant AED 20,000 fine if 1 or 2 people murdered and one year.

09 Nov 2013 – New national UAE Traffic Council to be framed to consider activity related issues, including changes to UAE Traffic Law in the UAE. New recommendations to be sent to the UAE Cabinet. The gathering executive will be Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen (Al Zafin), he’s:

  • Assistant Police Leader in Dubai for Operations
  • Head of the UAE Federal Traffic Council

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