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In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, one of the most reoccurring legal issues has to do with real estate. It is no further than a bare necessity to take precaution when negotiating any piece of property in the aforementioned cities to escape been entangled in any form of a legal fiasco.

reoccurring legal issues has to do with real estate

UAE Real Estate Law

experience in different construction sectors

You pretty much need a dependable property attorney or an advocate not just to offer the best representation in the courts during disputes but to nip out disputes from the get-go of the estate deal!

expert service of a legal attorney

Well now, you know that you have to hire the expert service of a legal attorney or a lawyer to avoid any hiccups, be on a safer legal side and save money in the long run; but how can you know the best attorney that will represent your interest and offer other relative legal services? That should be us!

Why us?

Our professional expertise in various legal matters; spiced up with technical support and advice of engineers, architects, and surveyors with extensive experience in different construction sectors, both private and public. This in-depth knowledge and experience in all types of estate transaction have been working in our favor to offer unbeatable and top-notch service on the different characteristics of the real estate business areas: real estate sales, exchanges, leases, development and construction contracts, real estate financing, licenses, and the rest.

Our team of Lawyers

Real property disputes can be complicated, with much difficulties and involve multiple parties. Any breakdown in the process may lead to financial hardships or trigger a wave of other problems personally.

You can rely on our vast knowledge and experience of real estate laws and proceedings across the emirate to back you in sealing those property deals. 

Our team of Lawyers provides comprehensive service specialized in real estate, also in international operations, advising foreign clients who wish to acquire and exploit real estate in all regions of the UAE.

Our expertise service covers the following core areas;

  • Estate acquisition
  • Estate development
  • Real estate funding
  • Establishing and licensing real estate businesses
  • Recovery of down payment or earnest money deposits
  • Breach of contract (failure to consummate the deal)
  • Construction litigation (mechanic’s liens, defects, nonperformance)
  • Long term and short-term leasing (residential, commercial and retail)
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease and rent reviews for commercial, retail and residential property
  • Landlord and tenant advice
  • Landlord and tenant dispute resolution and litigation
  • Legal and regulatory procedures at the Dubai Land Department
  • Bonds, guarantees and direct agreements
  • Construction and development contract disputes
  • Review Sales Transactions
  • Draw up Documents
  • Negotiate awesome deals
  • Disputes resolution and arbitration between investors, developers, and contractors

From the very beginning of the transaction, our special team will faithfully take all measures, eliminating the possibility of any futuristic glitch (disputes) to zero. The interest of you, our client is our priority. Even in terms of disputes, you are sure to come out clean with your interests still tightly secured. That’s what we do. Our vast experienced team of litigators and mediators always got you covered.

Experience in residential and commercial projects

Armed with knowledge and age-long experience in construction, engineering procurement and working with Engineers, Architects, Regional planners, and Surveyors; we provide the best legal service to individual investors, corporations, banks, and real estate brokers. We also offer assistance to clients with their residential and commercial projects, retail, leisure, sporting assignments. 

You can always count on our ever pragmatic and efficient advice and assistance with all your real estate transactions.

Strategic Resolution of Dubai Real Estate Disputes

Resolving Real Estate Disputes Through Negotiation or Litigation

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