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We have a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and knowledgeable Dubai-based and foreign top lawyers and business practitioners ready to handle your issue, at a budget that works for you while providing your legal business manager.

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Are you looking for a reputable and professional law firm that has the legal, economic, and business expertise to assist you with Dubai, Middle Eastern, and International legal issues? We can help you!

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We are convinced that the law goes hand in hand with the economy. This is why we go over and beyond than most other law firms will in helping to align your economic, business, and legal needs through the help of our locally qualified lawyers.

We can assist you in Dubai and across the world where you seek legal help. We provide integrated legal services, legal review, due diligence, legal advisory, real-estate legal services, business, and market introductory in the UAE and across other countries in the region and all over the world. 

Whether you seek legal assistance in the UAE or on the other side of the globe: that assistance is provided by qualified lawyers of the country involved, who are thoroughly knowledgeable about their local culture and legislation, and they are often certified legal translator in their home country language and other languages.

Full-service law firm

As a full service, we provide different kinds of legal services, be it commercial or private. Solicitors are always on hand to provide advice and representation on real estate, family, injury claims, banking, dispute resolution, commercial litigation, tort, employment, and criminal law matters. We keep abreast of modern technology and working practices, implementing them to drive productivity and ensure the best results. Contact your expert full-service law firm for all legal matters facing you.

Providing Legal Services to all International Clients

We are expert lawyers in the UAE who will put forward the most inclusive legal services as well as draft contracts, helping with company formation and business set-up in Dubai and the UAE. We provide our clients with legal services ranging from company incorporation, banking law, real estate law, UAE labor law, free zone companies, family law, and criminal law. We provide help with:

  • Complicate matters related to trade in the UAE
  • Facilitate objectives structure, draft, negotiate and review all important documents and agreements as related to your business while assisting in resolving disputes whether through negotiation skills, mediation, arbitration, or litigation in the UAE courts in the seven Emirates and the DIFC court.
  • Clients, whether private or corporate organizations seeking legal service when they face extreme circumstances, be it a damaging dispute, fraudulent business loss, or determining a particular course of action.

first-class litigation service is available

The legal industry in Dubai has been experiencing tremendous growth for the last decade. The UAE government has been a catalyst and establishing regulations that permit unrestricted entry and practice of foreign law firms in the country.

The UAE stands out in providing access to affordable civil legal services across the country. There is a gap between the legal needs of a growing middle-class household and the number of legal services that can fill in this gap. We are aware of this gap and take a positive initiative to provide specialist legal services for private clients. Our private client service caters to the unique needs of middle-class households who are in need of specialist private client legal advisory services for family disputes, succession planning, real estate, and so on. Our first-class litigation service is available for corporate clients as well as the middle-class clients in Dubai and the UAE.

Adapting to innovation, technology and the future of legal services

The legal profession has always been known to be traditional, and unwilling to change, and opposed to innovation instead of relying on precedent. However, despite that compared to other industries, legal innovation has not lagged, the scope, pace, and reach of technology on the legal industry have been significant.

Law firms today are adapting to a marketplace led by price-conscious clients, affordable and innovative technologies as well as a growing pool of service providers that don’t rely on the traditional model of service delivery charged hourly. The result is that innovation and technology are fast changing the way legal services are delivered.

Traditional law firms now provide legal services differently and this has caused democratization of the industry and brought on new forms of competition and a search for more efficient ways of delivering legal services. Some of the new delivery models for legal services that some corporate clients have adopted include:

1. Increase in the internal legal team so they can keep more of the work in-house.

2. Increased services procurement from alternative service providers that offer innovative models different from the traditional law firm models.

3. Using technology processes to fix the appropriate persons for the right tasks to ensure efficiency, mitigate risk, and cut down on costs.

4. Rejecting old beliefs of lawyers being capable of performing legal tasks. These tasks are increasingly viewed as business challenges instead which can raise legal issues.


International firms are now investing and implementing changes and are more willing to adopt innovative technologies that help with the delivery of their service. In fact, many international law firms today have dedicated “Innovation departments” that have the task of searching new technologies and providing innovative strategies for the future of the firm. Legal tech applications include ways of increasing the speed of document searches to helping to predict the outcome of lawsuits, deployment of project management tools, and software to manage complex cross-border M&A transactions. Many firms are investing in smart contracts to save costs and time and ensure predictable and consistent results.

Many firms have realized that new skill sets and talent pools are needed to meet the growing client demands. Tech-savvy lawyers will offer more value to the law firm than the traditional lawyers. Many international law firms are enrolling associates in coding courses to enable them to learn how to code contracts and legal documents.

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