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6 Common INTERPOL Red Notices and What You Can Do About Them

INTERPOL Red Notice List

6 Common INTERPOL Red Notices and What You Can Do About Them

Crime-fighting across national borders can be a big deal. Fortunately, INTERPOL over the years has proven itself great at fighting crimes committed across national borders.

With one click of a button, INTERPOL can obtain and share all the information and data needed to make a provisional arrest of an alleged criminal, home or abroad. This information and data are generally shared with member states in the form of color-coded notices.

And of all seven INTERPOL notices recognized across countries, the red notice is the most severe and, unfortunately, the most abused. In fact, the organization has been accused of abusing this notice and using it to blacklist high-profile individuals without justification.

Should this happen? In this article, you will get to understand what a red notice is and how you can protect yourself if an unjustified red notice is issued against you.

What is A Red Notice?

A Red Notice is a lookout notice. It is a request to international law enforcement worldwide to carry out a provisional arrest on an alleged criminal. They make this provisional arrest pending surrender, extradition, or some other legal action.

INTERPOL generally issues this notice at the behest of a member country. This country does not have to be the home country of the suspect. However, it must be the country where the crime was committed.

The issuance of red notices is handled with utmost importance across the countries. It implies that the suspect in question is a threat to public security and should be handled as such.

The red notice is, however, not an international arrest warrant. It is simply a wanted person’s notice. This is because INTERPOL cannot coerce law enforcement in any country to arrest a person who is the subject of a red notice.

Each member state decides what legal value it places on a Red Notice and the authority of their law enforcement authorities to make arrests.

6 Common Red Notices Issued

Amongst many red notices that have been issued against individuals, some stand out. Most of these notices were backed by political motives or to defame the person in question. Some of the most popular red notices issued include:

#1. Red notice request for the arrest of Pancho Campo by his Dubai partner

Pancho Campo was a Spanish tennis professional and businessman with established businesses in Italy and Russia. While going for a trip, he was detained at the US airport and deported on the grounds that he had been issued a red notice from the UAE.

This red notice had been issued due to a dispute between him and a former business partner in Dubai.

The business partner had accused Campo of shutting down his company without her permission. This led to a trial conducted in his absence. Eventually, the court declared him guilty of fraud and issued a red notice through INTERPOL against him.

However, he fought this case and redeemed his image after 14 years of fighting.

#2. The detention of Hakeem Al-Araibi

Hakeem Al-Araibi was a former footballer for Bahrain and was issued a Red notice from Bahrain in 2018. This red notice was, however, in contradiction of INTERPOL’s regulations.

According to its rules, a red notice cannot be issued against refugees on behalf of the country they fled from. As such, it was no surprise that the issuance of the red notice against Al-Araibi was met with public outrage as he was a fugitive fleeing from the Bahraini government.

Eventually, the red notice was lifted in 2019.

#3. The Iranian red notice request for the arrest and extradition of Donald Trump- former president of the US

The Iranian government issued a red notice against the United States president, Donald Trump, in January 2021. This notice was issued to prosecute him for the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

The red notice was first issued while he was on seat and then renewed again when he stepped down from office.

However, INTERPOL rejected Iran’s request for a red notice for Trump. It did so because its Constitution clearly restricts INTERPOL from involving itself with any issue backed by political, military, religious, or racial motives.

#4. The Russian Government Red Notice request to arrest William Felix Browder

In 2013, the Russian government tried to get INTERPOL to issue a red notice against the CEO of Hermitage Holding Company, William Felix Browder.

Before then, Browder had been at loggerheads with the Russian government after he filed a case against them for violation of human rights and the inhumane treatment of his friend and colleague Sergei Magnitsky.

Magnitsky was the head of tax practice at the Fireplace Duncan, a firm owned by Browder. He had filed a suit against the Russian interior officials for the illegal use of company names for fraudulent activities.

Magnitsky was later arrested at his home, detained, and beaten by officials. He died a few years later.

Browder then began his fight against the injustice meted to his friend, which led to Russia kicking him out of the country and seizing his companies.

After that, the Russian government made an attempt to place Browder on a Red notice for tax evasion charges. However, INTERPOL rejected the request since political motives backed it.

#5. Ukrainian Red notice request for the arrest of former Ukrainian Governor Viktor Yanukovych

In 2015, INTERPOL issued a red notice against the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. This was at the request of the Ukrainian government for charges of embezzlement and financial wrongdoing.

One year prior to this, Yanukovych had been ousted from the government due to clashes between the police and protesters, leading to the death of several citizens. He then fled to Russia.

And in January 2019, he was tried and sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment in his absence by the Ukrainian court.

#6. Red notice request by Turkey for the arrest of Enes Kanter

In January 2019, Turkish authorities sought a red notice for Enes Kanter, a Portland Trail Blazers center, accusing him of having ties to a terrorist organization. The authorities cited his alleged link to Fethullah Gulen, an exiled Muslim cleric. They went on to accuse Kanter of providing financial aid to Gulen’s group.

The threat of arrest has prevented Kanter from traveling out of the United States for fear that he will be arrested. Nonetheless, he denied Turkey’s claims, stating that there was no evidence supporting the allegations.

What to do When INTERPOL Issued a Red Notice

Having a red notice issued against you can be devastating to your reputation, career, and business. However, with the right help, you can be granted a diffusion of the red notice. When issued a red notice, these are the steps to take:

  • Contact the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF). You have the right to access any data the INTERPOL has about you in its files.
  • Contact the judicial authorities of the country where the notice was issued to have the notice removed.
  • If the notice is based on insufficient grounds, you can request through the authorities in the country where you live that your information be deleted from INTERPOL’s database.

Each of these stages can be complex to handle without the help of a qualified lawyer. And so, we, at Amal Khamis Advocates, are qualified and prepared to assist you through every stage of the process until your name is cleared.

Contact an International Criminal Defense Lawyer in the UAE

Legal cases involving red notices in the UAE should be treated with utmost care and expertise. They require lawyers with vast experience on the subject. A regular criminal defense lawyer may not have the necessary skill and experience to handle such matters.

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