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Remove Labour or Immigration Ban Status in UAE

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The country of United Arab Emirates puts order and security on a pedestal. They value these two things to the point that all aspects are regulated with legal provisions to guide residents in government compliance and correctly manage everything they need and want to do in the UAE. There are two terms most people usually stay away from when they are in the UAE – labour ban and immigration ban.

labour ban and immigration ban

What is a Labour Ban in UAE?

In UAE, labour ban is commonplace in the world of employees and employers since they are the ones involved in such a situation. An employee may experience labour ban if they resigned from the company they are working in or they end their limited contract without finishing the stated term there.

Article 121 in UAE’s Labour Law

Employees who are on a 2-year labour contract, the typical term in limited contracts, are not allowed to leave their company unless the reasoning of the employee is justifiable based on the provision indicated in Article 121 in UAE’s Labour Law.

What is an Immigration Ban in UAE?

Immigration bans are imposed on those people who did something against the UAE’s laws. When a person has this type of ban, he or she cannot enter the country nor have a residency visa there. It means that expats who have an immigration ban cannot work and reside in the UAE.

Labour Ban Status Removal in the UAE

There are a couple of ways for employees to remove their labour ban status in the UAE. It doesn’t matter if the employer requested or it came from the Ministry of Labour itself because there is hope so that a person doesn’t have to wait for 6 months to 1 year being unemployed in the country going in and out and exiting to get a visa change.

  1. Submit the necessary documents to Ministry of Labour – If the labour ban you have came from this particular government department itself, you can look for a company that offers AED 5,000 as salary or up. You can request the company to give you an offer letter that you can present to the Ministry of Labour.
  2. Settle matters with your employer – If your labour ban came from your employer, the best way to get it removed or lifted is to talk to your employer and request them to remove the labour ban.

Immigration Ban Status Removal in the UAE

If cases were filed against a person and were proven to be guilty of them, there is a small chance that the immigration ban can be removed or lifted.

There are instances when an immigration ban in the UAE can be imposed on someone who hasn’t even set foot in the UAE. It is a case of simple identity mistake. This can be lifted by working with a representative in the country who will present the letter coming from you and other supporting documents related to your situation.

In the case of bounced checks or other financial crimes, the immigration ban can be lifted by presenting proof that the matter was resolved.

Travel Ban Advisor

A ban in a criminal offence remains into force until the period of investigation, trial and judgment of the criminal case.

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