Now Claim upto Millions for Disabling Injuries During A Car Accident

According to various studies, it has been found that human error is the root cause for most road crashes. The results of multiple researches concluded that road crashes, either injury or fatal crashes in the UAE, have been caused due to an error perpetrated by the driver almost 80% of the time.

The three causes of fatalities or death on the roads of Dubai have been caused due to these key factors – speeding, not wearing seat belt and driving when drunk. Of the three factors that have been mentioned above, speed is by far the worst of all! It has contributed to more fatal injuries than any other factor. Statistics say that over 40% of the fatal accidents have been caused due to inapt and extreme speed!

Every child or youngster who prefers walking is threatened by the possibility of death due to speeding vehicles. This is a fact since it has been found that children in Dubai have been hospitalized more often on account of being victims of road accidents.

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As a responsible driver, you must learn to be careful when driving. You will need to emphasize the traffic rules to your child. Children learn while they watch, so you need to remember that you have to practice what you preach. Otherwise, your children will stop abiding the rules that you have set for them, when they notice you not following them. Also, you may be a good driver but still no exempt to accidents, thanks to other drivers, who may not be responsible enough while driving.

You may have lost a lot in the accident and will need to find a way to recover all those losses. For this, you will need to hire a car accident lawyer. He will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the loss and the hassles that come with the accident. He will also help you identify the easiest way out when working out your insurance policy.

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What are the damages that an Insurance company must compensate?

There are only certain types of damage that an insurance company will cover. You have to know what the different damages that are covered in order to estimate your claim. Let us assume that A and B are two people who have met with an accident. The accident was caused because of A. The insurance company that A has hired will have to compensate B for his losses. Let us see what different damages and expenses A will have to cover.

  1. Any medical expense
  2. Income that B would have lost on account of not being able to go to work while under observation or treatment at the hospital
  3. Any permanent physical disfigurement or disability
  4. The loss of family or social experiences
  5. The loss of any educational experience, which includes missing training or school
  6. Any emotional damages
  7. Any damaged property

How does the insurance company value any claim?

When you have met with an accident, the first person you would go rushing to is your insurer. You will have to tell him about the accident and make your claim. But, have you ever wondered how an insurer values an injury claim? When you want to compensate someone for their loss, you will return the amount that they have lost based on the amount that they have spent. But how will you measure sadness or pain or suffering? What if someone was on their way for an interview and they meet with an accident? Would you be able to value his lost opportunity? To avoid this, the insurance company tries to value all claims using a formula for estimating the damage.

When you begin to negotiate with the insurance company with respect to your claim, the surveyor will first assess the medical expenses that are only related to the injury. He will look at every aspect and only then sum up the expenses under the title ‘Medical Special Damages’.  Once this figure has been established, the surveyor will try to assess the amount that the insurance company will have to pay the claimant for his pain and suffering. This amount is labeled as ‘General Damages’. He uses a formula to calculate the general damages, which is based on the claimant’s level of injury. If the claimant has minor injuries, the value of the general damages is equal to 1.5 or 2 times the value of the medical special damages. If the injuries are major, the value of the general damage is equal to 5 times the value of the medical special damage. There are certain cases where this multiplicative factor could be 10!

When Insurance Company Refuses to Pay for Accident Injuries

There are cases when the insurance company counters your claim with less than desired returns. A major reason for this is you as a claimant are not able to submit substantial proof or your policy has loopholes, which you didn’t notice when you signed up. Hence, it is best to hire an insurance lawyer to get a fair deal.

Take caution when it comes to documents

Before you sign up for an insurance policy, you need to ensure you read every aspect of the policy. If you fail to read the fine print, you may get the raw end of the deal. There have been cases when the claimant didn’t get their dues, as they were not aware of certain aspects of the policy. Discuss the different features of your insurance policy with your lawyer before you sign the dotted line.

Why do you need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Like most big cites, Dubai too is not alien to accidents. In most of the accident cases, the vehicle usually undergoes damage. It is easier for an insurance company to remunerate the damage caused to the vehicle. However, in some cases, there is fatal damage caused to human life, which can cause a lot emotional trauma and financial damage. You cannot put a price on this loss and hence to negotiate with an insurance company, you need a car accident lawyer who has the experience to deal with these situations. When you are part of a car accident, you have to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, car repairs and any other form of damage that occurred. These terms are best negotiated by a professional lawyer.

It is always good to have a lawyer since they will be able to handle any legal issues that may crop up. They will also be able to negotiate well with the insurance company just by being present during your meetings.

It is always good to be enroll for the services of a lawyer when either of the conditions stated below have occurred.

Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

There are some accidents that result in injuries that affect your ability to perform any physical actions and cause temporary or permanent disabilities. It is difficult to identify the compensation that you would require for such an injury. It is always good to have your lawyer by your side during this situation.

Severe Injuries

The severity of your injuries is what the insurance company will look into before they decide on the amount that they will compensate. The severity is usually measured based on your medical bills, the type of injuries that you have had and the time it took you to recover from those injuries. There is a possibility that the amount the insurance company compensates you with doesn’t help you recover your medical expenses. This is when you will need to have a lawyer by your side to help you overcome your loss.

Nobody knows your injury or loss better than you!

This is something that you have to remember! The accident that took place happened to you and not to your attorney or your insurer! It was you who saw the events occur, not them! You are the one who knows what injuries you sustained. You are the one who knows what the circumstances were! This is something you will need to understand before you think of settling a claim.

When must you hire a car accident lawyer?

You will have to file your claim before you pass the deadline for the state you live in. It is always good to hire an attorney right at the beginning. This will ensure that you avoid any mistakes that may cost you later. They will ensure you don’t lose out on any money and don’t pay for the medical expenses from your own pocket, and even if you do, you get rightly reimbursed for the same. It is always good to contact your attorney within a week of the accident since this will give you a good time to reach out to your insurance company!

How much does a car accident lawyer charge?

Every car accident case works on the idea that the lawyer is not paid if he loses the case but is paid if he does win. If the lawyer wins the case on behalf of the claimant, he is paid a certain percentage of the personal injury damage (which is introduced to you as ‘Medical Special Damages’ in the immediate section).

Know what your claim entails through a free consultation

It is always difficult to know what your claim entails.  You have to go through a very long process for the same. Here, you are given the benefit of consulting with an accident lawyer to understand your claim better. The best part about this is it is a free consultation. The first thing you will need to do is to identify the right lawyer for you. You need to find someone who has enough experience with the law when it comes to accidents. This will help you know what your strong points are and fight your case with those points! Submit your case for claim

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