Safety First Is Safety Always on Dubai Roads

“Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen – they are caused.” by Ernest Greenwood

What is more, 1.783 car accidents were registered from January till August, as stated by the director of the General Department of Traffic, Col Jamal Al Bannai. The most common from the mentioned accidents were related to car crashes, run-over accidents and car flipping-over incidents. More than half of the deaths, caused by these accidents, happened because of car crashes.

What to Do after a Car Accident UAE
Car Accident

Nobody is guaranteed against car accidents. When you are caught in a car accident UAE, be aware to take several important legal steps in this concern. However, before we proceed with our discussion, let us draw a parallel between minor and major car accidents Dubai.

In case of minor car accidents Dubai, the police will ask you to move your car to a safer side of the road so that not to obstruct the traffic and create problems for the other vehicles on the road. If you do not obey the rule, you will be fined. After you clarify the case with the other party and find out who is to blame, you will be told to drive to the nearest police station in order to complete an appropriate form.

In case of major car accident Dubai, the police will give you a green copy of the case report if you are found to be innocent. Otherwise, if you are found at fault, the police will give you a pink copy of the case report. According to the latter, you will be asked to pay for an excess. This is the amount to be paid with regard to the road accident compensation claim.

At the same time, you should take into consideration the following important facts. You should find out whether your Dubai insurance company provides roadside assistance services or not. In case the company provides the mentioned services, repairing your car and taking it to a workshop (if the condition of the car admits) will be under the company’s responsibility. If you cannot apply for a car repair, your car will be repaired at the workshop on the insurance company’s panel. Hence, choosing the right Dubai insurance company is of utmost significance when facing the problem of what to do after a car accident UAE.

How to Claim

Everyone has his or her right to compensation when injured in an accident. There are cases when you should file a legal case with regard to your compensation claim. Claims concerning a car accident UAE vary from case to case. This refers also to the amount to be paid in this regard. The compensation should be quite reasonable and dependent on the facts associated with the given car accident case. In case of a death as a result of the given car accident UAE, you should be aware how to claim blood money. The latter is regarded to be a 200.000 AED fine to be charged, no matter the death was caused by accident or intentionally. Apart from the blood- money claim, you should be well informed about all other kinds of compensation claims so to take wiser steps with regard to your case concerning a car accident Dubai.

To get a better understanding of your legal rights, claim rights, and all the issues concerning insurance policies provided Dubai insurance companies in UAE, you should consult with the right professional in the field if you are concerned with what to do after a car accident in UAE.

Choosing the Best Attorney Personal Injury

Turning to the right lawyer for accident claim or accident claim lawyers is of vital importance if you want to succeed in your legal proceedings, or if you are just seeking the best legal advice with regard to your car accident in Dubai. Reliable claim advocates will do their best to achieve the most satisfactory results for you and win the case. They will explain your liabilities and legal rights so as not to leave your case to chance.

With the right personal injury lawyer, you will have no difficulty in finding who should be at fault, which Dubai insurance company to choose, how to successfully communicate with accident parties, and find the best solution to your car accident issues. Moreover, a reputable accident compensation lawyer will put all his/her efforts to resolve all the disputes and find the most reasonable solution to your compensation claim so that deprive you from the stress and anxiety associated with your car accident case.


4 thoughts on “Safety First Is Safety Always on Dubai Roads”

  1. Avatar for Ashwini Patil
    Ashwini Patil

    My Husband had brought a 4 wheel in April 2014, from a well known brand, 4 days back while driving the car it caught fire, don’t know the cause of fire but its a new car and proper service maintained by the agency. thanks to god that the incident had happened in a prime location wherein nearby people saved to extinguish the fire and let it stop burning more. He contacted the Dubai police who has taken the car and also visited the police head quarters for a statement. i just want to sue the car company for the cause. If this incident would have been occurred on the highway then it would have been a different story all together.

    I would seek for an guidance to go ahead now, as required a compensation towards a threat of Life and not be caused with anyone else and a lesson for the car company.

  2. Avatar for Rowena Padernal
    Rowena Padernal

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Please advise how many years can a claimant claim an accident compensation to the insurance company.

    My husband met an accident last 2009 and that time the insurance of the vehicle who hits him was only paying him Aed 10,000 & we did not agree on it. Can we still claim his accident compensation for the accident as it has fractured humerus and it took him for 6 months to undergo therapy and as per the doctor medical report there was a percentage of disability.

    Please advise if my husband still have the right to claim to this insurance.

    Thank you.

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