4 Reasons Why You Need a Standard Police Check: Safety Tips for Travelers to Avoid Potential Arrest Before Visiting Dubai or the UAE.

Safety Tips for Travelers to Avoid Potential Arrest Before Visiting Dubai or the UAE: “Standard Police Check” during COVID-19.

Safety Tips for Travelers to Avoid Potential Arrest Before Visiting Dubai or the UAE: “Standard Police Check”

If you plan to visit Dubai or UAE, it would be wise for you to understand why you need a “standard police check.”

Dubai is an excellent place for travelers, but the local laws and culture are quite different. Visitors can be arrested and convicted of crimes they don’t even know exist. In the current situation today, security checks are a crucial part of air travel. Hence, travelers are advised to do some research to take the necessary precautions before traveling to another country.

UAE imposed more stringent rules on what to do or not during your visit because of the widespread pandemic caused by COVID-19. The UAE government also provided protocols and quarantine guidelines to follow to prevent the spread of the virus.

With careful preparation, knowledge of the local laws, and a little common sense, you should avoid any problems. We have prepared some of the safety tips for Travelers visiting Dubai to avoid potential arrest below:

Type of Bag

Check-in bags that are permitted in the UAE airports should have at least one flat surface and shouldn’t have a long strap. Irregularly shaped and oversized bags will be rejected.

Standard Dimensions Allowed:

Maximum Number: 2

Maximum Size: 90x75x60 cm

Maximum Weight: 32kg.

Bags that do not meet the standard size luggage will be checked in at the oversized baggage counter.


For hand baggage, the maximum limit for an item containing liquid allowed by the UAE airports to be packed in a clear, re-sealable plastic is 100ml, and the total items packed should not exceed 1 liter.

For checked-in baggage, UAE airport securities do not impose a specific limit on how much liquid a person could check-in.

However, Abu Dhabi customs limit travelers to 4 liters of alcohol when traveling to the UAE.


UAE police keep tabs on suspicious financial activities, particularly involving transactions relating to money laundering, penalized under Federal Decree-Law No. 20/2018. Hence, travelers are required to declare how much money they are carrying. 

UAE regulations permit travelers to carry a maximum limit of DH100,000 cash, or travelers check as long as the person is over 18 years old.


The UAE government is strict on its implementation regarding restrictions on bringing certain types of medicines. For travelers to safely bring in their medications considered banned in UAE, they should have with them the doctor’s prescription.

Some Banned items, according to the Ministry of Health





Narcotic Drugs of all kinds are also banned in the UAE, together with goods from boycotted countries.

For the full list of banned medications in the UAE please visit the Ministry of Health website.

In sum, according to Dubai Customs, travelers’ personal belongings are the only ones permitted entry exempted from customs fees.

Reasons Why You Need a Standard Police Check

All countries have their regular police check. The police check ensures the health, safety, protection, and welfare of the people living in it.

Today, however, the whole world is struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19. Hence, the UAE government has issued several guidelines for both the residents and travelers to Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The requirements were effective from January 31, 2021.

  1. VISA

Standard police checks are necessary to guaranty that your visit to the UAE is valid and legal. Before booking your flight, make sure to secure a travel visa. Getting a Visa depends on your nationality, whether you can get it upon arrival or by application with the Dubai immigration for a prearranged visit visa.


Due to the severity of the infection rate of COVID-19, travelers from and travelers transited through South Africa or Nigeria in the last 14 days are currently not allowed to enter Dubai. This travel restriction does not apply, however, to returning UAE nationals and members of diplomatic missions.


Due to the advent of vaccines made available in the market, travelers can now book flights to whichever country they want to visit. Nevertheless, people traveling to the UAE must still meet the standard requirements before and upon entering its cities. For example, before you travel to Dubai, you must secure a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate not less than 72 hours before departure. All UAE nationals are exempted from taking the test but will be tested upon arrival. Children under 12 and passengers who have a moderate or severe disability are also exempt from taking the PCR test.

On the other hand, members of the diplomatic missions from Nigeria must still present a negative COVID-19 PCR test from authorized laboratories of the said country.

Furthermore, expatriates and tourists who wish to return to or visit the UAE must present a negative PCR test within 96 hours before traveling. Expatriates who hold a Dubai residence visa must get approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs for permission to return to Dubai.

For more information regarding the health and safety protocols being implemented by each city, please visit the UAE information and services portal.


Transit passengers from countries fixed by the guidelines need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate within 72 hours before departure. Only Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests are accepted, and travelers must submit the official printed certificate in English to legally enter Dubai.

 If you’re planning to visit UAE, make sure that you check with the local police stations about legal issues. Make sure that you don’t have any legal issues when entering or re-entering to Emirates. Contact us for Criminal, Police, Case or Immigration check-in UAE or Dubai.

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    My wife had a bounced cheque which resulted in a case against her. I settled with the bank and got a release letter and went to the police to cancel the case. My wife now wants to travel to the UAE (Dubai) and I want to check if there are any case still against her so she is not detained when arriving in Dubai

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