Understanding the Basics of UAE lawyer Retainer Fees and Legal Services.

UAE lawyer Retainer Fees and Legal Services

A lawyer should be your first point of contact with any legal issues you have; they know the ins and outs of the law. But what is a retainer fee? And what do you need to know about legal services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates? You’ve come to the right place for answers.

At some point in business or personal situations, when your client or suppliers threaten to call their lawyer for any legal issue, So you could very well have a lawyer or the law firm “on retainer.” To have a lawyer on retainer means that your client pays a UAE lawyer a small amount of fee regularly. In return, the advocate performs some legal services or legal advice whenever you need their help. That’s the retainer meaning or retainer definition.

Having Retainers are most useful for businesses that need constant legal work but do not have enough money to hire a Dubai lawyer full time.

It is essential to know when exactly you should contact a lawyer. But before you do this, you must be sure that you have a case. However, there will be many times when you may not be sure, and it is perfectly all right to ask one. But you must have one thing in your mind; it is crucial to co-operate with your lawyer and trust him or her. Both the client and the lawyer have to work as a team if they wish to attain good results.

What is a retainer fee?

These can be more easily called recurring payments which are made on the services of a lawyer. It grants a sense of confidence to the lawyer that they will get paid for their services. How long do retainers last? Retainers Contracts last for a year.

Retainer fees and the UAE

The UAE is one of the main places where the best law firms are available. You will find the best law firms from all over the world open up an office or two in this part of the world as well. Naturally then, the costs will be high too. Retainer fees are something that UAE lawyers are adamant about having. Although you can find many places that might not make such demands, many ensure that this fee is paid before any provided services. Partner lawyers charge the most, followed by senior ones. However, it must be noted that even those who are merely lawyer assistants charge at least a minimum amount.

Most companies ensure absolute transparency, and this is why clients are not afraid of making this investment. Clear explanations are provided as to where the money will go and how it will be utilized. If any extra costs arise in any case, clients are told in time and are provided detailed reasons.

UAE provides for options to cater to how much a client could pay to retain the services of a lawyer. The factors to consider regarding retainer fees in the UAE are fixed and hourly rates, the retainer and contingency fees, and Fees based on case type. The basis for the payment of the retainers fee is for the remuneration of the following:

  • The method used by the lawyer, 
  • The complexity of the case;
  • The category of law where the case belongs; and 
  • importantly the skill set of the lawyer through experience.

Complex cases may need extra attention, and the charges will increase in such circumstances.

Do it Right Way: Meet Your Lawyer.

There is always a right way and a wrong way of doing things. You must always meet your lawyer once before you decide whether he or she should handle your case or not. It is unnecessary for you both to be friends, but the client and lawyer must get along. Meeting your lawyer will allow you and the lawyer to understand one and another and honestly figure out if working alongside is possible or not.

Litigation tends to be very expensive, and you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you have already paid the retainer fee and loathe your lawyer or don’t trust him enough to handle your case. Do not forget to pay him for the hour he is providing you with.

Negotiating with the Retainer

If someone tells you that negotiating with top-notch legal firms, especially in a place like the UAE is not an option, ask them to think again. You can always tell them what you can offer and listen to what they have to say. There will be plenty who will have enough clients lined up and say no to anyone who provides a penny below their demand rate. But then again, some are compassionate and willing to grow. They might agree to a lower offer and be happy about it.

Finding a Good Retainer lawyer in the UAE

UAE has many great companies which happen to be the best in the world. Law firms are providing legal services through lawyers who belong to a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. They are well equipped with the knowledge of many jurisdictions. Finding a good lawyer in the UAE is not a big deal. If your pockets are complete, you will be taken care of very well. You will also find many lawyers from different backgrounds and know how to speak in Arabic well.

Ask a lot of questions and try to tell your set of facts in detail so that the lawyer is well aware of everything beforehand. Once the case has proceeded, any surprises are not welcomed by these law firms in Dubai in the UAE.

UAE Lawyer Retainer FeesProper legal advice: does that exist in Dubai? 

Some good companies in the UAE are willing to extend their knowledge to those who are new to the world of law and might not have cash on their hands immediately. They allow the clients to share their dilemmas and discuss everything in detail so that they can figure out if they even have a claim or not. Once this is done, they can then advise them to hire a proper lawyer and even guide them concerning the costs that will accompany all of this.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have a dispute with the developer on who is liable to pay VAT. The following is the brief set of facts of the case:
    Phase I
    I booked a hotel room unit off plan with a developer in July 2014.
    A Reservation Form was signed by both parties.
    The form specified the price, payment schedule and relevant details of the unit.
    The form was silent on VAT.
    I had started making payment as per the schedule.
    Meanwhile, and to-date no registration is done with DLD, as no signed SPA was arranged.  
    Phase II
    I received a draft of SPA on Jan 21, 2018. There are some terms and conditions that are in dispute and are being negotiated.
    The only agreed document to-date is the signed Reservation Form that is still silent on VAT. I understand that the developer should have negotiated with me before Jan. 01, 2018 on the price stated therein, that it did not do and price in Reservation Form sustains, accordingly.
    The developer does not intend to implement Transitional Rules stipulated in VAT law and insisting that VAT is buyer’s liability.
    Secondly, the developer is asking me to remit to it Fee for Registration with DLD,  immediately, otherwise there will be penalty and I shall be liable to pay the penalty. It is referring to a DLD notification about deadline for registration dated June 25, 2015 in Arabic (copy attached). I understand that the date of signed SPA will be considered the date of purchase for counting of the days of delay in making application for the registration with DLD.
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