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Our success is a result of our reputation for delivering legal services on time and on budget.

Amal Khamis Advocates always maintain competence in the field of legal services with the support of qualified human resources that have the extensive knowledge and necessary experience in the legal field.

Besides being knowledgeable in the law, and experienced in advising on transactions, we understand that what matters most to our clients is the outcome.

Our consultants are legal professionals with qualifications acquired in a variety of international jurisdictions. Their extensive training and experience enable them to offer high-quality legal advice and expertise in every legal case.

Our Legal Team

Advocates, Lawyers, Legal Consultants & Legal Professionals

Advokat Amal Xamis

Advocate and Founder


Litigation and Criminal Law

Advocate Salam Al Jabri

Litigation and Business Law

Mona Ahmad Fawzi

Legal Manager and Criminal

Sayed Mohamed Abdul Aziz

Huquqiy maslahatchi

Khaled Elnakib

Huquqiy maslahatchi

Al Gendi Ahmed Al Gendi

Huquqiy maslahatchi

Raj Jeyn

Client Success Manager

Xana Saad

Huquqiy maslahatchi

Xesham Xegazi

Yuridik administrator

Ihab Al Nuzahi

Legal administrator

Shrouq Alghobashi

huquqiy kotibi

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