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Formerly known as Trucial States or Trucial Oman, Sharjah is the third largest and populous emirate in the UAE. Sharjah, also spelled as Al-Shāriqah (“The Eastern”) is well know for its picturesque landscapes and seascapes. It has an area of 2,590 sq. Km and occupies 3.3 percent of the total area of the United Arab Emirates (the islands not inclusive).

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Sharjah is the capital city of the Emirates of Sharjah and shares the same cultural and political relationships with other Emirates. It is visited by a lot of tourists as a result of its cultural affiliation.

With various educational institutions, Sharjah ensures a ceaseless supply of fresh talent equipped with the latest knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and other skills that improve economic growth. Geographically, Sharjah is located right next to Dubai and the emirate is overflowing with amazing green spaces.

It is also a place that treasures the outdoor life and celebrates an enriching communal lifestyle for residents and visitors alike. Here are more amazing things you should know about Sharjah:


The population of Sharjah was 2,000 in 1950, but by 2010 the population of UAE nationals in the emirate of Sharjah was estimated by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority to be 78,818 (Males) and 74,547 (Females) bringing the number to a total of 153,365. As per the estimation of the Department of Statistics and Community Development,the population of Sharjah was 1,171, 097 in 2012, and since 2015 Sharjah has grown by 409,900 which represents a 5.73% annual change.

In 2020, Sharjah’s population is estimated to be at 1,684,649. These population estimations and projections are from the revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects and the estimation also represents the Urban agglomeration of Sharjah taking place. Over 1.2 million expatriates are living in Sharjah, for Emeratis, the female population outnumbers males but the number of male expatriates is significantly more than females.

Department of Statistics and Community Development estimates the population of Sharjah comprises over 175,000 Emiratis. A Break down of the population by age group shows the 20 to 39 as the largest group with over 700,000 people. Over 57,000 full-time students are living in Sharjah. Approximately 40,000 people are unemployed. Most people within the city work for the private sector, but about 75,000 work for local or federal governments.

Arabic is the official language in Sharjah, but English is another language spoken throughout the city. Also, there are other languages spoken including Hindi and Urdu.

The majority of residents follow the Islam religion and the lifestyle of people in Sharjah indicates the adherence to Islamic tenets. There are strict public decency laws initiated in 2001 that forbids men and women who are not related by law to be seen in public, and orders a strict conservative dress code for both sexes. This is the same for rules tourists as well.

Sharjah is the only Emirate in the UAE that forbids the consumption and sales of alcohol with a license. Friday and Saturday have been made holidays to honor the Muslim day of prayer which is Friday. However, there are additional regulations for proper public conduct during the holy month of Ramadan when most of the people in the city are fasting.


Sharjah has a fast-growing real estate market. The Emirate has seen a rise in investor interest from all over the Middle East and beyond since the government decided to sell properties to all nationalities in 2014.

Sharjah is now a preferred destination for business owners. It has modern infrastructures, business-friendly laws and supports innovations and entrepreneurship. This emirate has a prime location, which houses about 45,000 small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, education, tourism, gas, logistics and several business services.

Manufacturing is an essential source of Sharjah’s economy and contributes about 19 percent of its annual GDP. Its GDP reached around AED 113.89 billion in 2014. The Emirate has 19 industrial areas that contribute to more than 48 percent of the UAE’s gross industrial output.

Sharjah has three ports with a total area of 49,588,000 sq. km. Also, it has two free zones, the SAIF Zone and Hamriyah Zone. Also, Expo Centre Sharjah is one of the most renowned trade exhibition centers in Sharjah which hosts various B2B and B2C events.

Sharjah is home to a large number of businesses. Several companies have set up here from scratch and a lot of businesses have expanded their regional centers in this area. Setting up a business in Sharjah is something you would like to explore.


Sharjah is the arts capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city boasts of attractive beaches, public parks, museums, wildlife and several Arabic attractions like the Al Majaz Waterfront, Kalba, Al Noor Mosque, Eye of the Emirates, and a lot more.

The renowned Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Art Museum is the city’s major tourist attractions and while the Heritage Area is full of interesting buildings that showcase the Emirati history.

Sharjah is an ideal family-friendly destination that can be enjoyed by the entire family, from the kids to grandparents together. The kids can enjoy the wide entertainment options whereas the adults can find solace in the art galleries and historical monuments.


Sharjah is a symbol of culture, intellect and architectural change in UAE.

UNESCO awarded Sharjah the title of the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998, and in 2014 it received the title of the Capital of Islamic Culture. Since then, Sharjah has preserved its commitment to culture.

As an established center of culture, Sharjah is home to many scientific research facilities. In addition to its cultural significance, Old Sharjah gained more attraction and value with the conversion of its houses and buildings into decoration museums, art facilities, showrooms, ateliers for calligraphers and plastic artists. Therefore, Sharjah attracts a lot of researchers, art enthusiasts, and culture.

Sharjah is known for its role as a leading patron of true cultural values and fine arts. It is also renowned for its ability to build a cultural identity that harmonizes its Islamic roots blends with modern contemporaneity while embracing the many humanitarian cultures. 

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