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Renowned all over the world as a booming center of international trade and innovation, Dubai has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Dubai is an exquisite city that forms one of the 7 emirates in the UAE.


Astounding attractions

Amazing Attractions

Dubai provides amazing attractions like the resplendent Burj Khalifa, shop in exclusive malls and indulge in feasts that are inspired by flavors from all over the world in 7-star hotels. 

Dubai is the UAE’s most populous and largest city. There are more than 2.7 million people from 200 nationalities residing in the city. Countless tourists and traders are entering the city for business, or pleasure every other day. Dubai is one of the most ideal places to do business in the world with state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure, tax-free living and a strategic location right at the center of major trading continents. The abundant prosperity and extravagance that abounds in this captivating city-state is the reason Dubai is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world!

A Short History of Dubai

Enjoying the warmth of the sun all year round, with stunning beaches, intriguing deserts, luxurious shopping malls and hotels, amazing heritage attractions and booming business community, the City of Dreams is flocked by millions of business and leisure visitors annually coming from different corners of the world.

The Maktoum family together with 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe created their dwellings at the creek’s mouth in 1833. This creek was the natural harbor, and soon, Dubai rose to become the center for pearling, sea, and fishing trade. When the 20thcentury came, the city has turned into a thriving port.

The market or souk in Arabic, located on the creel’s Deira side was the biggest on this coast, serving as a home to 350 shops with a constant flow of businessmen and visitors. During the discovery of oil in the year 1966, Sheikh Rashid used the revenues from oil to kick start the development of infrastructures in the city.

The City of Dubai

Today, Dubai has become a city that takes pride in its remarkable architecture, world-class sporting and entertainment events, and unmatchable hotels. The perfect example is none other than the breathtaking Burj Al Arab hotel perched on the Jumeirah beach’s coastline. This is the only hotel in the world that provides a 7-star service. There is also the Emirates Towers, which is among the numerous structures that will remind you of commercial confidence in the city that grows and thrives at an exceptional rate.

Major global sporting events are also commonly hosted in Dubai. There is the Dubai Desert Classic that is the major stop on the Professional Golf Association tour. Thousands of tourists every single year are also drawn to the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race of the world, an ATP tennis tournament, and the Dubai Open.


Dubai is the biggest business hub in the region, and this is mainly due to its central global location, which plays a vital role in its importance in international commerce. However, as an Islamic state, there are certain rules with regards to meeting with professionals of the opposite sex, which include not having a handshake. Also, bear in mind that Muslims pray five times daily. However, they usually go unnoticed by business travellers.

Thanks to its excellent location, superior connectivity and all-encompassing business services, Dubai is now the entire region’s trade and commerce center point. The government favourably supports businesses with the most transparent regulations found anywhere in the region. There are tax-free zones in the city, world-class infrastructure and access to a growing skilled and experienced labor force. Dubai has risen to become one of the world’s top metropolitan economies due to its strong employment figures, tremendous growth in per capita income and a strategic diversion from oil.

Economic Growth

Dubai’s economy was initially founded on traditional trading, but moved to its natural resources towards the latter half of the 20th century, becoming an oil-based economy. However, revenue from oil was gradually complemented and later almost replaced with an economy driven by knowledge-based services.

The Emirate’s committed drive to achieving a modern city-state pioneered by technology and innovation is why full support has been provided to foreign innovative businesses looking to establish themselves in Dubai.

Over 90% of business activity in the Emirate today includes trade, financial service, logistics, hospitality and tourism, real estate, construction and manufacturing, which now make up 90% of business activity in the Emirate.

Along with its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, ease of doing business, and this diversification, Dubai is a natural choice for local and international organizations that want to start operating or expanding into the Middle East.

Even though Dubai’s meteoric rise may have been swift, the city is now well established as the prime destination in the Middle East for the headquarters of multinational corporations. The global reputation as a strong investment stronghold and wealth generator continues to drive the growth of the city and attracts both worldwide corporations and international SMEs.

Culture and Lifestyle

Dubai has a rich, Arabic cultural heritage. Although it is now a mix of desert, beaches and man-made feats, the culture of the Emirati people is still very much vibrant. Dubai is an absolute monarchy and has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. Although life in Dubai is underpinned by tradition and culture, the UAE is a warm hospitable destination.

The Islamic heritage of the Emirati has been preserved, with the majority being Muslim, but the indigenous population is extremely tolerant of other cultures and people with different religious beliefs. As a result, Dubai is home to more than 200 nationalities. Across the bustling city are more than 6000 restaurants and cafes offering cuisines from every corner of the continent.


Another of Dubai’s many attractions includes its shopping options as well. It is an instant magnet for both local and foreign shoppers because of the tax-free purchases people can make. You will find giant and opulent malls that offer the ultimate experience in luxury shopping, but if you are a bargain hunter looking for the best purchases at the lowest prices, then Dubai’s famous souks have got you covered.

There is something for every visitor, from clothing apparel to souvenirs, gadgets, local delicacies and much more. Some of the best shopping places include The Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira Gold Souk, Global Village, Burjuman Centre, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. and more.

Landmarks in Dubai

Dubai is home to astounding attractions and daring architectural projects which have transformed the city landscape and skyline. Some of the landmarks hold the prestige of being some of the tallest, largest and glitziest marvels in the world. Some of these iconic landmarks include the Burj Khalifa; the tallest man-made structure in the world at 828 meters. It’s one of the most prominent attractions in the Middle-East and has been called the Jewel of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah; a man-made archipelago, which is one of the three planned Palm Islands and the latest in the long list of attractions on offer. The island offers a host of activities for tourists to indulge in. These include up-market shopping malls to hotels, luxury beach resorts, and more, the Al Sahra Desert Resort set right in the center of peaceful dunes and offering a wonderful experience of activities in the desert.

The resort hosts all kinds of private events and celebrations and provides several dining options, the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel; which is the fourth tallest hotel in the world that offers the very best in luxury. This hotel is an architectural masterpiece unmatched by any other building in the world.

The Dubai Fountains; which has the capacity of spraying more than 22,000 gallons of water in the air up to 902 feet in length and is illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, and many more.

Top Attractions in Dubai

From the desert’s everlasting tranquility to the souk’s lively bustle, Dubai provides its visitors with a kaleidoscope of exciting attractions. 

Despite its relatively small area, there is an extensive array of sceneries that you can find in the emirate. In just one day, a tourist will be able to experience pretty much everything, from the expansive sand dunes and rugged mountains to verdant green parks and sandy beaches, from the deluxe residential districts to dusty villages, and from avant-garde shopping malls to ancient homes complete with towers.

The emirate is a laid-back escape for tourists and a dynamic global business center at the same time. This is a city where the simplicity of bygone years goes hand in hand with the classiness of 21st century. And thanks to these contrasts, these give the city of Dubai its one of a kind personality and flavor, a cosmopolitan society that boasts of a global lifestyle.

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