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Maritime law is basically a branch of law, which deals with business as well as navigation that involves fishing, shipping, ships, and crime on open water.

maritime law has proven critical

every maritime and admiralty situation

Special laws apply to marine accidents that happen on or near the water

In UAE, maritime is an essential part of the trade and transport of the nation. It deals with all the types of shipping matters in UAE. Maritime lawyers have experience and expertise in UAE maritime law and they can provide you the best and right solution with prompt action.

International Maritime Law

The principles of maritime law in UAE are based on International Maritime Law. Moreover, it has a similar characterization like the Maritime Law of some Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council. Maritime law in UAE is applicable in the Emirates of UAE.

Under UAE maritime law, below are some of the issues that must be claimed:

  • Lost goods
  • Damaged goods
  • Bareboat-chartered vessels
  • Goods carriage contracts
  • Maritime pollutions
  • Maritime claims
  • Maritime insurance
  • Maritime accidents
  • Marine debt
  • Crew
  • Carrier identity
  • Freight and cargo transportation
  • Seizure and arrest of vessels
  • Vessel mortgage
  • Finance and registration of ships
  • Ownership and registration of vessels
  • Licensing and registration of fishing boats

registration of their vessels in the UAE

There are other Ministerial Decrees and local laws aside from Maritime Code when it comes to crewing, vessel registration, and restrictions on activities of foreign-flag holding vessel as well as classification of the port activities in accordance to the port ordinance. There are also applicable in individual Emirate.

It’s impossible to register vessels in UAE without a hundred percent ownership of a company holding fifty-one percent ownership by UAE national or an individual who is UAE national. The registration in UAE will be cancelled if vessels are sold and get the entity of another place.

The government of the UAE does not allow foreign owners to get the registration of their vessels in the UAE. It’s always maintained in UAE so the vessel’s owner should preserve the citizenship of the UAE nationals.

With UAE maritime lawyers, you won’t only be able to get out of the problem, but also, you will be educated about your rights and about the laws.

Why You Need an Expert Lawyer in UAE’s Maritime Law?

The maritime law in UAE is sophisticated as it has one of the busiest seaports. When you’re operating in the maritime industry of Emirates, you will need the help of the best seasoned maritime lawyers for the legal problems that your business faces.

Professional legal teams that engaged in UAE maritime law stay on the top of the evolving regulatory requirements and legislations ordered in this industry. They are also highly competent, which enables their company to provide clients with relevant advice as well as legal services built on updated research, years of specialized experience, and diligent teamwork.

This expertise enables maritime lawyers to offer clients the best possible legal services in all matters that are related to maritime advisory for insurance, shipping, and finance along with litigation in UAE. Committed to helping you reach your goals in maritime enterprise efficiently, lawyers offer professional legal services to streamline processes and contracts along with comprehensive litigation and arbitration solutions.

Professional team of lawyers are always prepared to dispense highly relevant and up-to-date legal advice on maritime law to international and local clients engaged in the industry of Emirates. The scope of maritime law advisory in UAE includes the spectrum of the legal concerns recognized in the body of law in the country.

The focus of reliable maritime lawyers is to provide high quality service by paying close attention to each of their clients. Once you approach lawyers with problems that are related to maritime law, they will listen to your concerns carefully. Combined with thorough research, this exceptional quality of maritime lawyers makes their case advice supremely relevant and on point.

In terms of serving clients in the maritime industry, maritime lawyers can help clients dealing with the following problems:

  • Global transactional shipping
  • Shipbuilding insurance matters
  • Offshore construction concerns
  • Affreightment and contract litigation in every level of judiciary courts
  • Ship financing and every related problem for different kinds of vessels

We are expert in maritime law cases, from water pollution claims to commercial and contractual claims. Maritime disputes include personal injury claims filed by crew members and dock workers regarding hazardous ship conditions while loading and unloading ships, boating accident claims;

The leading maritime lawyers in UAE take pride in offering businesses in the shipping industry to seek justice as well as enforce their rights through complete legal advisory and services.

Experienced maritime lawyers with thorough understanding of maritime industry can help you provide legal solutions to resolve all of your maritime disputes. These lawyers are also adept when it comes to drafting all kinds of maritime contracts based on maritime contract law.

Face Your Maritime Legal Problems with Courage and Call the Best Maritime Lawyers in UAE!

It’s a known fact for almost everyone that UAE is a vital maritime outlet in the Middle East, which involved in about 90 percent of majority of global commercial transactions in maritime transport and trade.

Maritime lawyers are knowledgeable that their clients need some of the best and experienced legal professionals who can provide the finest legal services related to maritime.

The best Maritime lawyers in UAE can help you through the fine print of the contract so everything’s clear to you. They also know how much support both international and local clients need in terms of maritime related matters.

A team of experienced and qualified maritime lawyers use the help of network of practice areas and sector specialists to give you the best legal advice, services, and representation possible.

Regardless of your maritime case or concerns, you can rely and trust on the abilities of the best maritime lawyers when it comes to providing legal services on everything related in maritime law. If you have other concerns about some of your legal problems, don’t hesitate to ask for advice or consultation from maritime lawyers. Some of these lawyers are also experts in other industry sectors.

If you need assistance with maritime law in UAE, just contact the best lawyer and get consultation and other legal services you need with your case!

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