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Top Criminal Defence Lawyers – Skilled and experienced

Facing criminal charges in Dubai, UAE can be a bad experience. If you are accused of a serious crime and don’t take the counsel of a good and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Dubai, you will have to pay severe penalties or may even face prison time. Thus, seeking the help of a specialised criminal lawyer is a good idea. Call us now for an urgent appointment at +971506531334 +971558018669

Our Criminal Lawyer Services, Duties & Responsibilities

Our criminal law attorneys are fully licensed and have extensive experience in many areas of the law. Accordingly, we provide a full range of criminal law services from the time of your arrest, throughout the criminal investigations to court appearances and appeals when working with our clients accused of crimes. Some of the criminal law services we offer include:

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The police have the duty to investigate alleged offences

Criminal Legal Representation

A criminal lawyer’s primary responsibility is to provide legal representation to their clients; we work closely with our clients, from initial police investigations to court appearances. We are licensed to represent clients before all UAE courts, including; (a) The Court of First Instance, (b) The Court of Cassation, (c) The Court of Appeal, and the (d) The Federal Supreme Court. We also offer legal services, drafting legal documents and court memorandums, guidance, and support for clients in police stations.

Legal Consultation

Criminal lawyers are trained to provide legal advice on a wide range of topics. This includes everything from procedural matters, such as how to handle your case or which questions you should ask the judge, to providing insight into your options and what may happen based on different possible outcomes. They can provide information on what to do if you are arrested, what to say to the police, and more.

Bail and Pleadings

We represent clients in appeals and bail requests, and bail hearings, among other pre and post-trial hearings and concessions. We assist in submitting legal memorandums and other pleas to help clients obtain bail. Our experienced Criminal Appeals Attorneys are skilled in appeals and ensuring proper procedure is followed.

Conducting Investigations

Criminal lawyers may also assist you in conducting your investigation into your case. This can include gathering evidence, such as witness statements or other material that could be useful during trial proceedings. They may also help you prepare for any interviews with law enforcement officials.

Handling Communications with the Courts

Criminal lawyers also take care of all communication between their clients and the court. This includes making sure all deadlines are met, filing any required paperwork, and ensuring that any court appearances are scheduled. If there is a trial or hearing, criminal lawyers may argue in court on behalf of their clients. They can also provide advice and coaching to help you prepare for the proceedings.

Preparing Pleadings and Briefs

Criminal lawyers also draft memorandums, pleadings, and briefs for their clients. This includes motions, letters, and other documents related to the case. They may also file these documents with the court on behalf of their clients.

Preventing Charges from Being Filed

Usually, it takes some time between the arrest and the filing of charges. A good lawyer/advocate can take advantage of this fact and approach the police or the prosecution (District Attorney), presenting statements and evidence that prove the innocence of the “alleged” victim. In cases where charges have to be filed, a plea could be made to lighten the charges. For e.g. A misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Client Advocacy

Criminal lawyers in Dubai also act as advocates for their clients. This means they protect their interests and ensure they are treated fairly. This includes respecting their rights and receiving the best possible outcome in their case.

Community Service

Criminal lawyers also provide community service to their clients in many cases. This can include providing education on the law, working with victims, or mentoring young people.

Ongoing Client Advice And Support

We provide flexible criminal law services to our clients while ensuring our criminal law attorneys are on call and available for emergencies.

Representing Clients at Trial or a Court Hearing

The final area where our criminal lawyers in UAE provide support is during trial proceedings or court hearings. They will act as legal advisors to their clients during the trial and assist them in preparing. If the court allows, a criminal justice lawyer will question witnesses, make opening statements, present evidence, and conduct cross-examinations.

Since UAE draws most of its provisions from Islamic Sharia Law, UAE criminal law is inherently complex. You may need a skilled and experienced Dubai or UAE criminal law attorney to help you navigate the complex criminal law process. With their in-depth knowledge of UAE federal law and Islamic Sharia Law, our advocates and attorneys have a reputation for achieving favorable court verdicts for clients. As a multi-disciplinary legal team, we have handled all types of criminal cases. We are among the best legal consultants and top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Whether your criminal charges are for a small violation or a major crime, you risk severe punishment if found guilty. Potential punishments include specified jail terms, judicial custody, court fines, death penalties, life imprisonment and penalties. Besides these potentially harsh consequences, UAE criminal law is complex. A skilled criminal lawyer in Dubai may be the difference between freedom and imprisonment or a hefty monetary fine and a less substantial one.

Public Prosecutor charges the accused person to court
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Emirati and UAE Advocates and Lawyers with full rights of audience

We have Emirati and UAE Local Lawyers in Dubai. Our Team consists of Egyptian, Indian, French, Russian, Persian, Chinese, and Local Arabic Lawyers with years of criminal law experience. Our criminal defense lawyers in UAE have successfully defended many clients accused of a wide range of crimes in the UAE.

Our Advocates in UAE have ‘full rights of audience‘ all over the UAE Courts and Tribunals. We have unparalleled expertise and experience in handling all types of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies before the Criminal Courts and Police Stations in Dubai or any area of the UAE.

If you are in Dubai or the wider UAE, and you or a loved one has been arrested or is facing criminal charges, contact us for effective legal representation. We guarantee confidentiality as we fight for your rights while offering guidance and support on all your legal options.

We know that every case is unique and important, and we don’t use a standard approach for every case. We use the empirical method and use the professional interpretation of the codes.

We customize our services according to the person who needs them, based on the specifications of our clients and what they expect. We are a team of dedicated advocates and legal consultants. We provide our clients with premium quality criminal law services and advice on a range of legal issues.

Your legal consultation with us will help us to understand your situation and concerns. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in the UAE, we can help.  Contact us to schedule a meeting. We have the best criminal lawyers in Dubai to help you out.

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“We want the UAE to be the global reference point for a tolerant culture, via its policies, laws and practices. No one in the Emirates is above the law and accountability.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Is The Vice President And Prime Minister Of The United Arab Emirates, Ruler Of The Emirate Of Dubai.

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United Arab Emirates Criminal Law

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a Western Asia country at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. It borders Oman to the east, and Saudi Arabia to the south and shares its sea borders with Qatar and Iran. Dubai, a UAE exclave and largest city, is also the largest in the entire Middle East region.

Like other jurisdictions in the Middle East, the UAE penal code derives most of its elements from Islamic Sharia Law, with the country using Sharia law in specific circumstances. As a religious-based law and a way of life for Muslims, Sharia law or Islamic law is complex, especially in its definitions of crimes.

Accordingly, criminal attorneys in the UAE must have a strong command and understanding of Islamic Sharia law to defend their clients in court successfully. With the court overruling even logically sound arguments where the criminal court lawyer is not conversant with Sharia Law, the need to be competent in the law cannot be overemphasized.

Types of Crime in Dubai, UAE

We provide expert advocates and legal counsel services across the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, RAK, and Umm al Quwain. If you are facing criminal charges in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you can rely on our skilled and experienced Emirati criminal lawyers in Dubai to defend you in court.

We have extensive experience defending clients in many areas of criminal law, including the following:

CrimeFraud/CheatingDrugs CasesDefamation
Domestic AbuseProperty CrimesFinancial CrimesHate Crimes
Theft/ RobberyForgeryCyber CrimesChild Abuse
Money LaunderingAssault/FightsExtortionRape & Sexual Assault
Medical NegligenceArsonBatteryCounterfeiting Currency
HarassmentBlackmailAbductionJuvenile Crimes
Identity TheftWire FraudProstitutionInjury Crime
Murder or ViolenceShopliftingInsurance FraudBribery
Travel BanBreach of TrustFake CertificatesWrongdoings
White Collar CrimesDrink and DriveHomicideAlcohol Crimes

To report a crime in Dubai or UAE, read a guide on UAE criminal law.

How Lawyers Win a Criminal Case – Best Criminal Defense Lawyers Strategies:

You don’t want to walk into court unprepared when facing a criminal accusation. Typically, most people lose their cases because they are unaware of their legal rights or incorrect court processes. A criminal defense attorney acts as your first line of defense while helping defend your legal rights.

Typically, the burden of proof in any criminal case lies with the prosecution. The prosecutor must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant is guilty. Accordingly, your appointed lawyer or attorney needs to be one step ahead of the prosecution. The best defense lawyers use years of experience to analyze a case, including the strengths and weaknesses of available evidence.

The criminal defense attorney will then develop a defense strategy that either leads to a lesser charge or an acquittal. A good defense strategy seeks to portray the defendant as a good person and in the best possible light.

If you are facing criminal charges or under investigation for a crime in Dubai or across the UAE, do not worry. Our UAE high-profile criminal defense lawyers have the best legal defense strategies to help defend your rights and minimize the repercussions of a conviction.

How to Fight or Defend in Criminal Cases? Some of the Most Common Criminal Defense Strategies Include:

Investigating the Criminal Charges Against You

A diligent criminal defense lawyer/attorney will thoroughly investigate all alleged criminal charges against you, including requesting evidence from investigators in case of discrepancies. Generally, the prosecution has to prove a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt. A top criminal defense attorney can use the investigations to illuminate gaps, inconsistencies, and discrepancies in the prosecution’s ‘proof’ arguments as a defense strategy.

Scrutinizing an arresting officer’s conduct

As human beings, police officers are prone to mistakes in the course of an arrest. Essentially, an officer’s conduct and the circumstances of your arrest can be enough grounds to strike out a case. As a defense strategy, your criminal defense lawyer can petition the court to dismiss criminal charges against you where an officer did not follow proper procedures when arresting you or while investigating the case. For instance, cases where an officer conducts illegal searches or property seizures, among other violations.

Not Guilty Tactic as a defense Strategy

As a defense strategy, a criminal defense lawyer can reject a case entirely, especially if there is no evidence to prove the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The strategy includes showing a lack of eyewitnesses, the evidence lacking validation, providing the defendant’s police record if clean, and demonstrating that the defendant can’t commit the alleged crime under the circumstances. Typically, it involves portraying the defendant as innocent.

Arguing That You Were Wrongfully Accused

A criminal defense lawyer can challenge whether an eyewitness correctly identified you as the person who committed a crime, like a photo identification procedure. Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer can argue that the prosecution has not gathered enough evidence to support the charges against you.

Challenging the Evidence against You

Prosecutors must present evidence to prove a defendant’s guilt. A criminal defense lawyer can challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution, including questioning the accuracy of evidence or witnesses’ testimonies. An example is when the prosecution’s evidence does not show that the defendant committed the crime or that other circumstances contributed to what happened. Locating and attacking evidence is one of criminal defense attorneys’ most common strategies. Attacking an accuser’s credibility can be an effective way to avoid prosecution. If you were falsely accused, your attorney or lawyer might want to prove that the accuser has a motive for making false accusations.

Proving mistaken identity

This includes finding instances of mistaken identity or individuals who may have committed the crime in question. If there are any holes in the prosecution’s case, then your attorney might be able to expose them effectively by developing a sound attack strategy.


This strategy may be used if you were coerced into giving a false confession or if witnesses provide recanted statements against you. If the prosecution’s case relies on those statements, they might drop those charges as well.


Entrapment happens when a normally law-abiding citizen commits an offense because of intimidation, coercion, or law enforcement ineptitude. This often involves planting evidence that leads a person to commit a crime after being induced to believe the offense is acceptable.

In some cases, entrapment can be applied to someone who has been led to believe that committing a crime is not only acceptable but highly desirable.

Claiming Self-Defense or Justification

A defendant can claim that they acted in self-defense or defense of another person if:

(1) They committed the crime to prevent harm to self or someone else; and

(2) The amount of force used was necessary and reasonable.

Additionally, defendants may also use justification defenses such as preventing a burglary, defending property, or acting in defense of others.

Pleading Guilty but Asking for Leniency

In some cases, it may be in the defendant’s best interest to plead guilty, especially where there exists strong evidence against them. Generally, with a guilty plea, your criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with the court for leniency including, a reduced sentence or dropping some of the charges.

Combined Defense Strategies

Criminal defense lawyers may use one or more of these strategies in any criminal case. For example, in most cases involving physical injury to another person, the defendant is initially charged with a crime such as a misdemeanor assault or aggravated battery.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer in UAE may be able to get the charges reduced to a lower level of offense through plea bargaining and/or by arguing that you did not intend to harm the alleged victim and it was justified based on self-defense.

Using Miscellaneous Legal Strategies

In many cases, criminal defense attorneys will use several different legal strategies to build their cases and protect their clients. This can include challenging aspects of the law or filing motions asking that charges be dismissed due to things like prosecutorial misconduct.

If your case goes to trial, your attorney might also use strategies like calling character witnesses to testify on your behalf or getting the jury to see the situation from your point of view. Your attorney might even consider using an insanity defense or another type of defense as necessary and appropriate. Call us now for an urgent appointment at +971506531334 +971558018669

Recommending A Defense Strategy

It is essential to devise a good defense strategy when facing criminal charges to face any early acquisitions that could turn sour later on. Exposure to the public, police, courts, and media can cause irreparable damage to the accused’s image. Crisis management, especially during the early stages of a crime, is a remarkable defense strategy.

Call us now for an urgent appointment at +971506531334 +971558018669


Our professional legal service is honored and approved with awards issued by various institutions. The following are awarded to our office and its partners for their excellence in legal services.

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