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Amal Khamis Advocates and Legal Consultants (LawyersUAE) has been a distinguished criminal defense law firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for over 30 years. It boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers. To manage the complex criminal law process in Dubai or the UAE, you may need the assistance of a skilled and experienced criminal law attorney.

like other jurisdictions in the Middle East, the UAE penal code derives most of its elements from Islamic Sharia Law, with the country using Sharia law in specific circumstances. As a religious-based law and a way of life for Muslims, Sharia law or Islamic law is complex, especially in its definitions of crimes.

Having a thorough understanding of Sharia law, our top criminal attorneys represent individuals charged with crimes or under criminal investigation, offering a suite of essential services that protect the rights of our clients and promote fair, ethical, and just enforcement of criminal law throughout Dubai and the UAE. 

Our law firm with 30+ years of experience is highly regarded for delivering outstanding legal defense in criminal matters, a standing reinforced by numerous awards and recognitions from respected industry bodies in the Middle East.

Legal Team of Criminal Lawyers and Advocates

Our criminal defense team has the right to an audience and is led by distinguished lawyers including local Advocate Amal Khamis, Dr. Alaa Al Houshy, Dr. Khamis Haider, Adv. Salam Al Jabr, and Adv. Abdul Aziz along with local Emirati advocates Ameera Al Junaibi and Fadil Ali Alzarooni. Together, they offer decades of collective experience.

Our expert local advocates have the right to audience before all criminal courts. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of criminal laws in the UAE and the Gulf, combined with a steadfast dedication to safeguarding our clients’ rights, guarantees that each case, including those accused under federal or emirate-specific laws, is handled with the highest level of care and thoroughness. Call us for an appointment with our criminal lawyer at +971506531334 +971558018669

Our Exclusive Criminal Law Focus

Our law firm in Dubai is staffed with Emirati advocates and local UAE lawyers who possess full rights to represent clients (full rights of audience) across all UAE Courts and Tribunals. Our legal team boasts unmatched expertise and a wealth of experience in managing a wide array of criminal cases, including both misdemeanors and felonies, before the Criminal Courts and Police Stations throughout Dubai and the broader UAE. Comprising legal professionals from Egypt, India, France, Russia, Iran, China, and the UAE, our diverse team brings years of experience in criminal law to the table.

Proven Track Record in High-Stakes Cases

Over the years, our criminal defense team has successfully represented clients in a wide range of high-profile and complex cases, including financial crimes, cybercrimes, drug offenses, violent crimes, Interpol, extradition and more. Our experienced criminal lawyers are distinguished by their specialized knowledge in areas such as forensics, criminology, and advocacy, enabling them to craft effective defense strategies. They manage all communication with the court on behalf of their clients, ensuring compliance with deadlines, filing necessary paperwork, and arranging court appearances in the UAE.

Awarded For Excellence In The Legal Field

Our Advocates and Legal Consultants (LawyersUAE) have been consistently recognized for their outstanding legal services by reputable organizations such as Legal 500, Chambers Global IFG, and the Middle East Legal Awards. These accolades serve as a testament to our firm’s exceptional legal expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.

The Types Of Crimes We Represent

We provide expert advocates and legal counsel services across the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, RAK, and Umm al Quwain. If you are facing criminal charges in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you can rely on our skilled and experienced Emirati criminal lawyers in Dubai to defend you in court.

We have extensive experience defending clients in many areas of criminal law, including the following:

Fraud/Cheating Crimes, Drug Cases, Defamation, Domestic Abuse, Property Crimes, Financial Crimes, Hate Crimes, Theft/ Robbery, Forgery, Cyber Crimes, Child Abuse, Money Laundering, Assault/Fights, Extortion, Rape & Sexual Assault, Medical Negligence, Arson, Battery, Counterfeiting Currency, Harassment, Blackmail, Abduction Juvenile Crimes, Identity Theft, Wire Fraud, Prostitution, Injury Crime, Murder or Violence, Shoplifting, Insurance Fraud, Bribery, Extradition, Deportation, Interpol, Bail, Travel Ban, Breach of Trust, Fake Certificates, Wrongdoings, White Collar Crimes Drink and Drive, Homicide and Alcohol Crimes

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Service

At Amal Khamis Advocates and Legal Consultants (LawyersUAE), our highly qualified criminal law attorneys are fully licensed.

Our legal team is skilled in a broad range of legal services, offering client counseling from the moment of arrest, through criminal investigations, to court appearances, litigation, and appeals across all varieties of crimes and criminal cases. We possess a deep understanding of the UAE’s criminal justice system. Call us for an appointment at +971506531334 +971558018669

  • Authorized to represent clients in all UAE courts: Court of First Instance, Court of Cassation, Court of Appeal, and Federal Supreme Court.
  • Offers legal representation from the beginning of police investigations through to court appearances.
  • Specializes in drafting legal documents, including powers of attorney and court memorandums.
  • Assists in expert reports, criminal audit reports, and conducts factual investigations.
  • Assists with bail applications, obtaining clearance certificates, and handles negotiations and settlements.
  • Provides guidance and support to clients at police stations and public prosecution.
  • Develop a defense strategy based on circumstances
  • Legal counsel throughout criminal proceedings
  • Negotiation experience in dismissing the case itself or reducing charges
  • Utilizes extensive legal expertise and resources to achieve favorable outcomes for clients.
best criminal defense strategy dubai

Recommending A Defense Strategy

The best strategy will depend on the unique facts and evidence in each case. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can evaluate all factors to develop the most effective approach for challenging the prosecution’s case and protecting the defendant’s rights.

Facing criminal charges can have life-long consequences affecting freedom, livelihood, immigration status and professional prospects. Even minor cases like misdemeanors can limit future opportunities if they remain on permanent records. Thus, seeking the help of our specialised criminal lawyer is a good idea with a 92% Success Rate.

Call us now for an appointment at +971506531334 +971558018669

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