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With the variety of choices available, it can be overwhelming to find the right legal representation in Dubai. However, in this article, you’ll find a few tips that will help you in retaining the best legal counsel with your legal needs at heart.

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Find the right attorney

Finding the right one can be tricky.

Whether you are in need of legal counsel for business, real estate, or for the purposes of trademark/patent, or in need of a lawyer who is a specialist in immigration law, criminal law, or family law, the legal system of UAE is able to meet the needs of its citizens.

Whatever your reason might be for seeking legal counsel, it is vital that you hire the right lawyer. With the variety of choices available, it can be overwhelming to find the right legal representation in Dubai. However, in this article, you’ll find a few tips that will help you in retaining the best legal counsel with your legal needs at heart.

How to Choose a Lawyer

When choosing the right lawyer, the first step in the process is the research phase. In an ideal scenario, you will want to start with the names of several lawyers, and like with the purchase of most other services, the best place to start are often referrals.

Also, another great resource is through state bar associations where you can find lawyers practicing in the field you need assistance on. Another good source is online, and these kinds of resources provide the added advantage of consumer reviews that let you see other people’s interactions and ratings of those interactions with a particular attorney.

Legal Referrals in Dubai

Word of mouth referral is one of the best methods for locating a lawyer in the UAE. You can ask friends, family, and coworkers to provide information about their experience with a lawyer who is a specialist in your field of law. However, bear in mind that referrals are so helpful when you start looking for a competent lawyer who specializes in a different branch of law.

If your coworker recommends a great criminal lawyer, that doesn’t necessarily mean this lawyer is the right person to handle property law. There many different specializations with regard to legal expertise and experience. A lawyer who masterfully handled your friend’s property case is not going to be useful to you if your legal problems concern patent law. 

Research About Your Lawyer

All lawyers are not the same. It does not matter whether you find legal counsel by searching on Google or through word of mouth referral, you have to ensure you have researched their experience and credentials. You can start by scanning their website, checking for reviews from other clients who have used their service. Ensure that you ask your potential lawyer questions that pertain to their experience and education. For example, have they handled any legal matters like yours before? Is there time in their schedule to provide attention to your legal matter? How long have they practiced law in the UAE?

You can take it another step and ask potential counsel about the history of their record. In some cases, a lawyer might put you in contact with a previous client to discuss their experience. You should never leave anything to chance when it comes to your legal matters. As you learn more about your potential lawyer, you are more informed about your decision to retain the right legal counsel.

Find a Specialist

All lawyers have different levels of expertise. They specialize in specific areas of law and often focus their practice on that specific niche. When deciding on a lawyer, you want to choose someone who is a specialist in your area of law. A lawyer who specializes in property law cannot provide the best criminal defense. When you select a lawyer, it has to be someone who is experienced in your area of law. What this means essentially is that you should find a person who has studied and has spent a good number of years practicing in the area of law you require.

You should consider asking other lawyers about your potential candidate. Lawyers are aware of the skill and reputation of fellow lawyers. For example, you may know a trusted family practice lawyer who knows other great lawyers that specialize in the field of property law. 

Communication is Key

Lastly, building a solid relationship and good communication is essential in finding the right lawyer in the UAE. You just don’t want to feel comfortable with your lawyer alone, but they have to be able to communicate with you and create the kind of situation you’ll meet in a courtroom. Ensure you find out about their fees before you retain their services and determine whether you want anyone else to work on your case. Consider visiting their legal office for a tour. You can learn so much about a lawyer just by watching how others interact in a professional setting, like their interactions and communications with coworkers.

Eventually, legal services are just like any other product. The wise consumer must first conduct deep research first before making an educated decision. In light of these helpful tips, you can find a UAE lawyer that possesses the skills and personal qualities that serve your needs best.

Check Lawyer’s Law Office

When you visit an attorney and enter their office, you can make safe conclusions from what you see and observe. You can request a tour of the office, beyond the office and conference room where you will often meet the lawyer. Is the law office orderly, properly organized, and run well? What is the kind of support staff that the lawyer employ? Is the staff friendly and helpful? Is the office of the lawyer local and easily accessible? What portion of the office is unoccupied? Watch out for red flags like unhappy staff, mass disarray, empty offices, and phone calls left unattended.

Retain an Honest Lawyer

Seek Those With Experience

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