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Choosing the most or best professional law firm in UAE for your legal issue is not always easy, as there are so many out there. However, law firms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they arrange from single attorney law practices to multi-staffed firms.

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Depending on the severity of your legal issue, there are several law firms to choose from, and they are generally broken down by several factors such as size, type of practice, local, or legal topic.

When a person first lands in jail, their first thought is to get out as soon as possible. The usual way to actualize this is to post bail. When this is done, the arrested person is allowed to go, but with a condition to appear in the court when ordered to. In this article, you’ll discover the legal procedure required for getting released on bail in the UAE. 

Types of Law Firms

In most areas, law firms are of various types, and they include:

Solo Law Firms

The name clearly suggests what kind of law firm this is. It is run by a single lawyer. Solo practitioners often handle legal matters on a wide range of topics- including personal injury, family law, and so on or they may specialize in one particular area, like property law.

A major benefit of working with solo law firms is that they are cheap, flexible to hire outside staff like paralegals and legal experts and provide more one-on-one attention since the attorney would be working on one case at a time.

Small Law Firms

These law firms are also known as “boutique” law firms. They employ around two to ten attorneys – which makes it easy for lawyers to collaborate with others on complicated legal matters. These law firms have the feeling of solo law firms due to the close group of lawyers. They allow for representation on a broader range of topics.

Large Law Firms

These are also called “full-service” firms, and can range from a dozen lawyers and employees to thousands. You can find them with offices in different cities or countries. Most large law firms specialize in almost all areas of law and often have large departments such as real estate, corporate, and employment groups.

Transactional vs Litigation Law Firms

Law firms are also classified by their legal services, for instance, a law firm can focus only on litigation will represent a client in court or it can focus on transaction matters, which involves plenty paperwork with regards, disputes, insurance, and property.

Criminal Law Firms

Some law firms specialize in criminal defense against crimes like fraud, DUI, and other crimes and often represent clients who can afford their criminal defense attorney. A person that is facing criminal charges will usually hire a criminal defense lawyer to help through the criminal process to get them free or reduce the serious penalties often associated with criminal charges.

How Can You Differentiate Law Firms?

Licensed by HH The Ruler’s Court or the Dubai Legal Affairs Department

Any law firm worth its salt must be properly registered and regulated. In Dubai for example any legal firm that is assisting SME owners must be appropriately licensed by the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, the body that regulates and governs the registration of law firms, advocates, and legal consultants in the emirate of Dubai.

Depth of Expertise

Clients generally hire lawyers nowadays based on their experience in the legal area they practice in. You want lawyers who have the depth of knowledge and proven experience in the area that is relevant to their needs, and it is this real or perceived depth of expertise that separates one lawyer from another.


Some firms have adopted innovative approaches to their service delivery model which makes them uniquely different from others still operating traditional models. These firms stand out compared to competitors because of their use of technology, staffing procedure, legal project management, and process improvement as well as other approaches. Service delivery offers a differentiation that makes a firm superior to its competitors.


A small and elite group differentiate themselves based on pedigree. They take on lawyers from top law schools and/or federal clerks, which often creates an external perception of elite brains and high caliber lawyers. Although, this costs the clients more in using the services of lawyers from such law firms. Usually these lawyers cater to high-demand legal markets.

Interpretation of the UAE laws and regulations

The leverage of a lawyer comes from the certainty and understanding of the Laws and regulations. So it is common for different strategies to be implemented in a legal matter even though the result may be the same.

It is therefore important to go for a law firm that clearly understands the applicable laws, as well as the potential risk an issue may have, and that includes the legal implications that potential risks has.

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