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Our law firm engages in litigation in Dubai or any part of the Emirates. We use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration. These disputes involve: corporate disputes among shareholders, partners, owners, investors, LLC’s and partnerships; cases involving breach of contracts, fraud, breaches of confidentiality, mis-representation, non-compete, and nondisclosure agreements or contracts; various business disputes between businesses, which requires an experienced local, sharia law advocates and international lawyers.

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  1. Avatar for Jill

    Good day!

    I am looking for a divorce lawyer. I’ve been married for 7 years with my husband in the Philippines. I am based here in Dubai for almost 7yrs already and my husband left here since 2011. I haven’t heard from him since 2012. Is it possible for me to file a divorce from here in Dubai? We don’t have kids nor any conjugal properties.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Avatar for Muhammedi

    I had a car business in Dubai free zone.. Al-Awir in partnership
    I had issued a Power of Attorney to my partner to present it when releasing cars
    from the port.
    I would like to nullify this Power of Attorney.
    Please let me know if you are able to Nullify Power of Attorney and how much
    it would cost me
    Currently I live in Texas USA
    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Avatar for PARVEEN KUMAR

    Dear Sir,

    I have a case for one of my friend who caught while driving without seat belt, vehicle papers and with some medicine of blood pressure in abu dhabi.
    Police arrest him and tomorrow is his last hearing.
    So, can you advice me what kind of help you can provide us and what is your fees. Please treat it as most urgent.

  4. Avatar for Rob Blakeman
    Rob Blakeman


    My car was written off in june this year by a company vehicle which drove into me on a road traffic island. I am having much trouble getting compensation for my wife and I.

  5. Avatar for Osama Fawwaz
    Osama Fawwaz

    I’m currently working for the Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi, when I signed my contract in 2011 the school’s policy was for an employee to give a 3 month notice upon resigning (as per the Faculty Handbook given to us). Normally in January we sign an intent form stating whether we wish to return or not for the next academic year, but resignations were being accepted with a 3 month notice period throughout the year. This year the school added a statement saying that all resignations submitted after the 30th of January will be rejected. My question is is it legal for them to do so?? and can I refuse to sign?Specially since most schools start recruiting in February.

  6. Avatar for Iliyas Campbell
    Iliyas Campbell

    I need assistance in drawing up a specific power of attorney for an individual to process the closure of a business in Abu Dhabi. Can you assist with this?

  7. Avatar for Amin Ghori

    Dear Sir,

    I am GM of recruitment agency in INDIA FAMILY BUSINESS GOVERMENT RECOGNISED, I want to file a claim on a LLC co who had caused loss to me by issuing business documents for recruitment of 100 manpower Indian expartiraites. We spend around 20000AED approx for arraning candidates recruitment campaign they selected the peoples issued offer letters and now purposely delaying the visa process past 4 motnhs harming to our business reputaion, mental stress and financial loss

    How we can file a legal suite against them and what will your fess?

    Please advice

  8. Avatar for Peggy Jalal

    I have a question:
    My husband and I have a property in Dubai which is on both of us names and on mortgage. plus I have my own bank account and he has his own.
    We are leaving Dubai to our country of origin for good but we are keeping our property and our bank accounts.
    We need advice on :
    what is the best legal approach that gives us the most power over each others belongings.
    In case of death or coma, or even if just we want to sell the property but only one of us comes to Dubai to take care of everything so there is no need for both of us coming to Dubai.
    And how can we arrange to have full authority over each others bank accounts?
    Can we meet a lawyer in your company to advise us about this issue?

  9. Avatar for Soren Kjaer

    I need assistance with divorce, particularly regarding the split of assets and the rules about the same.

  10. Avatar for Syed Nasaruddin
    Syed Nasaruddin

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Salamvalekum let me introduce myself I am an advocate on the roll of Andhrapradesh Bar Council of India my sister’s husband died in road accident at Sohar of Oman kindly let us know how the legal heirs claim compensation from India.The due process,Oman laws which are applicable and which documents required for it etc., Please help me in getting compensation to my sister who has two minor children, I am contacting you hoping you will guide me properly.
    Thanking you sir/madam

  11. Avatar for Srdjan Jovanovic

    Dear sir ,

    I have a question regarding my contract with football club ..Well , last season I was working at Football club in Dubai and the club did not respect my contract since I was not fully paid off . According to the contract we receive THE BONUS MONEY for the game ( win or draw result )..When I left the club they did not pay it off and simply they kept ignoring my request to pay me off via my e-mails…

    I would highly appreciate if you give me any kind of advice about what to do to get my money . I was trying to get in touch with club’s sports manager to talk about this issue but he was simply ignoring my e-mails…

    Best regards

  12. Avatar for mike

    Hello just wondering if your firm does contingency basis where you take an agreed percentage of the ultimate recovery. We invested into 2 units in Dubai back in 2008. The former developer did not deliver and left us and hundreds stranded. Till the past couple years as you heard there was a new committee formed that looked over all the cancelled projects and was in charge or liquidating and handle compensation to the original investors who suffered through this. It has been all over the media and news the past few years and we finally got in touch with the new developer Q developments. Our projects are global green view 2 and 3 and we paid over 551000 dirhams. We have all documents and bank statements. We were wondering if you could help mediate and help recover our funds. We have been in touch with the developer but their settlement options are not up to pair with what we think we deserve after waiting all these years. If you could kindly email me back we can speak further on this matter. Thank you kindly.

  13. Avatar for Jonathan Macklin
    Jonathan Macklin

    (this message is not a commitment to engage your legal services, no fee shall apply for your reading or replying to this message, nor will any charges or fees be levied without written confirmation of engagement from me)

    Hello – my motorcycle was struck from behind by an Emirati driver on 13 Feb and I was taken to hospital with an amputated finger and badly broken leg. The driver is a major in the RAK police, he has 14 unpaid speeding violations, his car registration had expired at the time of the incident. The First Incident Report confirms that the driver is to blame and I have a court case on 12 Mar at 0900 at Mulla Plaza.

    Is it possible in Dubai to make a claim for compensation against this driver? I have motorcycle repair costs, medical and rehabilitation bills, replacement of 6000/- of damaged motorcycle clothing, loss of earnings, disfigurement to my leg and a lost finger.

    thanks & regards

  14. Avatar for jahangir

    I was deported last year due administrative procedure or order.and i have checked uae immigration put ban on me. can you help me to lift this ban? can i come back to Dubai.As i dont have a criminal case.I went to meet my gf to her house in Dubai and same time police checked building and they catch me also and deported me. just for gf case????is it a big case? can you guide

  15. Avatar for Sasikumar G Nair
    Sasikumar G Nair

    I am on the look out for a lawyer or law firm, specialized to handle a medical malpractice cases in Dubai. Can you assist?

  16. Avatar for Rosemarie Powit
    Rosemarie Powit

    Good Morning,

    My left neck whiplash last April 15, 2015 due to car crashed behind the taxi ( me & my other friend are the passenger of that said taxi ). I feel that my left eye & my left ear was midly affected due to that said incident…I have all the particulars of the taxi & the Ford Escape who happens to car crashed behind the said taxi….Can I possibly any claim compensation if for example my whiplash is just mild only…

  17. Avatar for Humphrey

    Dear sir,

    I have a contract with a company in Dubai by name Delite Trailers LLC to take our sblc $3million which we issued to them through their bankers “Mashreq Bank Psc”.

    The bank confirmed to execute the transaction and we spend a sum over $300,000.00 on the transaction and all of to sudden, the bank and client pulled out for no specific reason.

    What can we do to retrieve our expenses ?

      1. Avatar for Sarah

        Mr. Humphrey, thanks for sending the documents.. we have reviewed them and can file a case, we will be in touch and do the needful. thanks.

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