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Ways To Get Arrested As A Tourist In The UAE

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The UAE is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, and many tourists are taking a lovely trip to the Arab country to catch fun to the fullest and shelling out cash on amazing attractions, shopping, and other activities.

be wise to know about local laws and customs

local laws of the UAE

be always in line with the legal system

Although the UAE is a popular destination for tourists, freedoms are limited. There are things you can get arrested and or jailed for. So it would be wise to know about local laws and customs and respect them so that you are always in line with the legal system. Here are some of the things that you are not permitted to do when you are in the UAE.

Dancing In Public

Dancing in public is considered an offense in the UAE. It is considered a disruption of the public peace, which you can be arrested for. There are many nights and dance clubs which tourists can avail the use of.

Importing Goods

It is illegal to import pork products and pornography into the UAE. Also, books, magazines, and videos may be scrutinized and may be censored.


Drug-related offences are treated severely. There are stiff penalties for drug trafficking, smuggling, and possession (even in small amounts). There is a death penalty for drug trafficking and a minimum of 4 years jail sentence if even the smallest amount of illegal drugs are found on you. Also, the presence of drugs in the bloodstream is counted by the Emirati authorities as a possession. Some skincare products and E-cigarette refills may contain ingredients like CBD oil considered illegal in the UAE. If found, they are confiscated, and the owner may face criminal charges.


There are restrictions on alcohol intake across the UAE. Muslims are not allowed to take alcohol, and non-muslim residents need a liquor license to be able to drink alcohol at home, or in licensed venues. In Dubai, tourists can obtain a liquor license for a period of one month from two of Dubai’s official liquor distributors. This license can only be used within the Emirate where it is issued. Also, even with a liquor license to drink in selected venues like hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Drinking or getting intoxicated in public is punishable under the UAE law.

Dress Code

You can get arrested in the UAE for dressing indecently in public. Women are advised to dress modestly and cover sensitive areas of their bodies in public places like shopping malls and parks. The arms and legs should be covered with the cloth, and underwear should be hidden. Swimming attire is permitted only at beaches and swimming pools. It is illegal to cross-dress.

Offensive Behaviour

Swearing, making offensive social media posts about the UAE and making rude gestures are considered obscene, and offenders face jail time or deportation. Also, public display of affection is not tolerated, and many tourists have been arrested for holding hands or kissing in public.

Relationships Outside Marriage

It is illegal to have sex outside marriage regardless of the relationship you have with your partner outside the UAE. If it is discovered that you have a sexual relationship outside marriage, you could be persecuted, imprisoned, and/or fined and deported. Also living together or sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married or closely related is illegal.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer

If you ever have to dispute the law in the UAE, then you must get the help of a lawyer. Legal representation will be of great help, especially since it’s not always easy for visitors to follow all the rules and regulations in place. Hiring a lawyer offers many benefits, and here are some:

l   Lawyers know the laws of the land, and they understand all the legal procedures you may not be familiar with. They know the right legal documents to file, and legal technicalities encountered.

l   An experienced lawyer would have handled many cases like yours, so he can make an educated guess on how far your case could go, or how your lawsuit might be resolved.

l   A skillful attorney will help to file legal documents and any other important paperwork properly.

l   An attorney’s job is not just to advise you on legal matters, they can also provide advice for emotional relief. They understand the stress the situation can cause you and can give you advice that calms and eases your mind. Moreover, attorney-client privileges ensure whatever you tell your lawyer will be kept confidential.


The UAE is a great tourist destination, but you have to be careful as little things can put you at crosshairs with authority. You will be at a great advantage if you know the laws, customs, and culture. However, if you fall foul of anything, ensure you get the help of an experienced legal practitioner to resolve the problem.

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