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When Do We Send A Legal Notice In The UAE

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Every form of formal communication follows a pre-planned arrangement or format which every person involved has to follow. A legal notice is an example of such formal communication with its own format detailing the kind of information that needs to be provided in the notice and how it should be provided.

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It is important that you follow the format for drafting and sending a legal notice. If done well, you can avail of the quickest remedy to a problem. A legal notice ensures you and the recipient both agree to the terms of the matter and avoid having to settle the matter in court.

What Is Legal Notice?

This is a written document sent from a sender notifying the recipient about intentions to undertake legal proceedings against the latter. The sender makes the receiving party aware of grievances through the legal notice. It serves as a final warning to the receiver to settle the issue or face a court battle.

A legal notice is a simple document but requires a high level of carefulness in its presentation to convey the message perfectly. A UAE lawyer or legal professional can help to put together a legal notice based on the prevailing laws of the land. A legal notice should contain the issue it seeks to address, the resolution sought and the exact time frame the issue is expected to be resolved, and then sent through a registered post.

When To Send Legal Notice

Sending a legal notice is always a good way to indicate that you don’t intend to sour the relationship completely. A legal notice in the UAE is the initiating step before a legal proceeding. It can be sent from a person or company whose legal rights have been infringed or have suffered some legal damage to give the receiving party one final chance to resolve any dispute without a court proceeding. Certain situations require sending a legal notice, and they include:

  • Notice served by an employer to an employee for violation of terms in the employment contract, sexual harassment of a co-employee, violation of company HR policies, abruptly going on leave without official notice, etc.
  • Notice from employee to employer for delayed or unpaid salary, violating employment agreement, termination without reasonable cause, etc.
  • Notice issued against the issuer of a cheque in the event of a bounced cheque.
  • Property related disputes such as mortgage and ownership disputes, sudden eviction of occupants, etc.
  • Family issues such as divorce, child custody, or disputes regarding inheritance, etc.
  • Notice to manufacturing companies in a complaint about the delivery of substandard products or providing faulty services, etc.

Our Services for Sending Legal Notice

You can hire an experienced lawyer to help you draft a professional legal notice and serve it to the defaulting party. This kind of lawyer will discuss with you about the situation, examine all the facts of the matters and advise you on all possible legal implications, and help to draft an appropriate legal notice before serving your opponent.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • It starts with a legal advice session over the phone, online, or in the office where the lawyer answers your questions and provides advice. Once the lawyer receives all the documents regarding the matter, he will discuss the situation with you and recommend the best line of action.
  • Your attorney will draft a legal notice and send it to you to review and approve.
  • Once approved, the lawyer will service your opponent the notice through registered mail, fax, or email.
  • Attorney-client privileges protect whatever information and document you shared with your lawyer.


Although not all cases require that a legal notice be sent, however, it is sent by lawyers in the hope that disputes between their client and the opponent can be resolved without a court proceeding. Sending a legal notice allows the sender to establish their intention of reaching a resolution of the matter with the receiver without the hassles of lengthy court proceedings.

We can assist you in preparing and sending the legal notice.

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