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Facing criminal charges in Dubai, UAE can be a very bad experience. If you are accused of a serious crime and don’t take the counsel of a good criminal defense lawyer in Dubai, you will have to pay severe penalties or may even face prison time. Thus, seeking the help of a lawyer is a good idea.

Getting out of jail on bail can be easy

Criminal defense lawyer

A good criminal defense lawyer in Dubai, UAE can help you in the following ways -

The top criminal lawyers in Dubai are well-versed in the Islamic Sharia Law, UAE Criminal Law, and even the International Criminal Law system. A good lawyer can save you from charges of human rights violations, fraud, financial crimes, public office offenses, forgery, cybercrime, domestic violence, conspiracy, absconding, insolvency, tax evasion, and much more

Recommending a defense strategy

It is essential to devise a good defense strategy when you are facing criminal chargesto face any early acquisitions that could turn sour later on. Exposure to the public, police, and media can cause irreparable damage to the accused’s image. Crisis management, especially during the early stages of a crime is a remarkable defense strategy.

A case can be dealt with in various ways. It could be negotiated to reduce charges and even be dismissed depending on its severity. Defense strategies can only be conjured once the cases are studied in detail and the lawyers in UAE are great at deciphering cases from varying complexities.

Preventing charges from being filed

Sometimes, it takes some time between the arrest and the filing of charges. A good lawyer can take advantage of this fact and approach the District Attorney, presenting statements and evidence which proves the innocence of the “alleged” victim.

In cases where charges have to be filed, a plea could be made to lighten the charges. For eg. A misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Objectives and insight

Fighting a case can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not acquainted with the process. If however, the case gets escalated to a trial, you must have an idea of what’s going on and what to expect. 

A good defense lawyer will continue to update you on the proceedings instead of leaving you in the dark. They can also predict what happens next and prepare you for any blows that could shake your resolve in upcoming hearings.

Working with the D.A. (Public Prosecution)

A top criminal defense lawyer can skillfully negotiate with the district attorney. If the case cannot be fully dismissed, your attorney has to talk it over with the D.A. (Public Prosecution), to reduce certain consequences that could befall you. There are pros and cons to every choice and a good defense lawyer makes sure to dial down the charges as much as possible.

Charges Evaluation and Mental support

A realistic evaluation of the cases is the first step to solving them successfully. A good attorney will not only lay down the consequences for you but also suggest ways you can cope with the potential embarrassment you could face at the end of such debacles.  

Legal solutions tailored for you and your case

  • We represent clients accused of federal crimes and crimes in the United Arab Emirates
  • We represent companies and individuals both before the prosecution and after the accusation and on appeal
  • We offer legal assistance to our clients in all types of cases and procedures up to the court
  • We represent our customers fairly to help them solve their problems
  • We represent clients with professionalism and competence

We know that every case is unique and important, and we don’t use a standard approach for every case. We use the empirical method and use the professional interpretation of the codes.

We customize our services according to the person who needs it, based on the specifications of our customers and what they expect.

The first consultation will help us to discuss what concerns you in order to examine your documents and have specific knowledge of what concerns you in a detailed and professional way.

There’s a solution to every problem

Top criminal lawyers in Dubai, UAE

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