Dubai Law Enforcement Leads the Charge in UAE’s Anti-Narcotic Efforts

Isn’t it alarming when a city’s police force becomes responsible for almost half of a country’s drug-related arrests? Let me paint a clearer picture for you. In the first quarter of 2023, the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police emerged as a stronghold against drug-related offences, bagging a whopping 47% of all narcotics-related arrests across the UAE. Now that’s some serious crime fighting!

Dubai Police didn’t just stop at arresting suspects. They swooped down on the narcotics market, confiscating a staggering 238kg of drugs and six million narcotic pills. Can you picture what 36% of the total drugs seized nationwide looks like? It’s a medley of substances, from hard hitters like cocaine and heroin to the more commonplace marijuana and hashish, and let’s not forget the narcotic pills.

Dubai Police didn’t just stop at arresting suspects

if law enforcement finds a controlled substance in a person’s purse or backpack in their absence, it would also fall under constructive possession or drug trafficking charges.

uae anti narcotic success

Strategy and Awareness: Two Pillars of Anti-Narcotic Success

A meeting to review Q1 2023 saw the who’s who of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics, including Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, discussing their plans and mechanisms of action. But, they didn’t just focus on catching the bad guys. They also stressed the importance of educational awareness programs, making it a two-pronged attack: cracking down on crime and nipping it in the bud.

What’s more interesting? The impact of their operations extends beyond UAE borders in their pursuit of the UAE’s zero-tolerance stance on drugs. They’ve been sharing key information with countries worldwide, leading to 65 arrests and a jaw-dropping seizure of 842kg of drugs. And, they’ve been vigilantly patrolling the digital frontier too, blocking a massive 208 social media accounts linked to drug promotions.

Dubai Police’s Efforts Echo Across the World

In a testament to the far-reaching impact of Dubai Police’s efforts, their tip-off led to an unprecedented opium seizure in Canadian history. Just imagine: nearly 2.5 tonnes of opium discovered in Vancouver, concealed craftily inside 19 shipping containers, all thanks to a reliable tip-off from Dubai Police. It’s a testament to the broad scope and effectiveness of their operations.

A Knockout Punch Against Online Drug Peddling by Sharjah Police

On another front, the Sharjah Police are doing their part by cracking down on a more digital form of this menace – online drug peddling. They’ve been putting their gloves on against traffickers who exploit WhatsApp to run their illegal ‘drug delivery services’. Imagine getting your favourite pizza delivered right to your doorstep, but instead, it’s illicit drugs.

The result? An impressive 500 arrests and a significant dent in the online drug peddling scene. They’ve also been diligently shutting down social media accounts and websites involved in such shady activities.

And their work doesn’t stop there. They are continuously innovating to keep pace with the evolving methods of these digital drug peddlers, identifying over 800 criminal strategies to date.

It’s crucial to understand that, in this digital age, the fight against drug trafficking isn’t confined to our streets but extends to our screens as well. The efforts of law enforcement agencies like the Dubai Police and Sharjah Police highlight how vital and effective this multi-pronged approach to tackling drug-related crime is. After all, the fight against narcotics isn’t just about law enforcement; it’s about safeguarding the very fabric of our society.

Lieutenant Colonel Majid Al Asam, the esteemed leader of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Sharjah Police, fervently appeals to the residents of our community to join hands with our dedicated security forces in combating the insidious menace of drug proliferation. 

He emphasizes the criticality of promptly reporting any dubious activities or individuals through multiple channels, such as the hotline 8004654, the user-friendly Sharjah Police app, the official website, or via the vigilant email address Let us unite in our unwavering commitment to safeguard our beloved city from the clutches of drug-related threats. Together, we shall triumph over darkness and ensure a brighter, safer future for all.

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