Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help Secure Your Investment

Our real estate lawyers in Dubai provide a wide range of services to help clients navigate property transactions and legal matters in Dubai or any of the emirates. 

Here are the key services offered by our real estate attorneys in the UAE:

  1.  Negotiating real estate deals: We conduct due diligence and ensure favorable terms for our property buying or selling clients while complying with state and federal laws in the UAE.
  2. Drafting and reviewing contracts: Our real estate attorneys prepare and review various contracts, including purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and rental agreements.
  3. Performing title searches: Our lawyers investigate property titles to ensure the seller has the legal right to transfer ownership and identify any liens or restrictions. We conduct title searches, identify and resolve problems like liens, judgments, or easements that can affect property ownership.
  4. Preparing closing documents: Our attorneys handle the loan closing process and ensure all necessary documents like deeds and closing statements are properly filed.
  5. Representing clients in disputes and litigation: We represent clients in real estate conflicts and disputes, negotiating settlements or litigating in all UAE court if needed.
  6. Addressing zoning and land use issues: Our real estate lawyers help navigate zoning regulations and land use restrictions in UAE.
  7. Drafting and reviewing leases: We assist with preparing and reviewing both residential and commercial lease agreements.
  8. Handling construction loans and contracts: Our real estate attorneys can negotiate and draft construction contracts and manage the closing of construction loans.
  9. Preparing and reviewing covenants: We help draft and review homeowners association covenants governing property use.
  10.  Facilitating property transfers: Our real estate attorneys ensure the legal transfer of property from seller to buyer.
  11. Partition actions: We assist in real estate cases where jointly owned property needs to be divided or sold due to disagreements between co-owners.
  12.  Providing legal advice: We offer guidance on various aspects of real estate transactions and help clients understand their rights and obligations.
  13.  Misrepresentation: Our lawyers address cases where property features or conditions are misstated, whether intentionally or not, by sellers or their representatives.
  14.  Breach of duty or contract: They handle real estate cases where real estate agents are accused of not acting in their client’s best interests.
  15.  Risk mitigation: Our specailised property lawyers identify potential legal risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. This may involve structuring deals in specific ways or advising clients on insurance and liability issues
  16. Specialization and expertise: Our real estate attorneys focus on specific areas of real estate law, such as commercial properties, residential transactions, or land use issues. This specialization allows them to offer more targeted and effective legal advice.

Our real estate law firm in Dubai can assist with a variety of common legal issues that arise in property transactions and management in Dubai, UAE. By offering these services, our real estate attorneys play a crucial role in protecting our clients’ interests and ensuring smooth property transactions.

Litigation Experience and Expertise

When out-of-court resolution fails, litigation often becomes essential in the UAE. By leveraging their litigation experience, our UAE Advocates masterfully handle:  

  • File persuasive motions – Well-written motions or memorandum grabs the judge’s attention and sets a strong legal foundation for the case.
  • Conduct air-tight discovery – Comprehensive discovery builds a well-rounded understanding to formulate the legal strategy.
  • Present convincing legal arguments – Impactful opening and closing arguments based on facts, evidence, and precedent sway judges.
  • Cross-examine effectively – Intense cross-examination reveals flaws in opponents’ narratives to undermine their credibility.
  • Secure favorable settlements – Capitalizing on discovery insights and assessed risks prompts advantageous settlements.

Inside courtrooms, our real estate attorneys champion client rights with litigation mastery.

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