And You Thought You Knew Everything About Car Accident in the UAE

“Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety.” William Shakespeare

Each of us may be caught in a road accident. Such accidents can be caused by both a motorist ignoring red lights and warning signs or making turns without checking whether it is safe to cross the road, and by pedestrians not obeying traffic rules. Studies in the field show that if people better knew how the traffic system works, accidents on the roads would drastically be reduced.

Steps to improve traffic systems are being taken by the officials all over the world. Given a car accident Dubai, a new tram network has recently been developed and is to hit the tracks in November 2014. This new Dubai tram is expected to facilitate the road congestion and make commuting much easier in Dubai. Anyway, Dubai motorists will surely have some trouble and confusion with regard to this new kind of operation until they get accustomed to it.

Dealing with the Right Attorney Personal Injury
Right Attorney

When facing a car accident in Dubai or UAE, the most crucial step to take in this concern is to turn to the right lawyer for accident claim or accident claim lawyers in the field. A reputable claim advocate will give you the best advice and guide you to resolve your car accident issues to the best. Be sure your legal rights, including the equitable rights and remedies can truly be enforced by the court you have applied to in Dubai. When it comes to the discretion of your legal rights, the latter is based on the laws related to the give case concerning a car accident Dubai.

Choosing the Right Dubai Insurance Company
Insurance Company

When being concerned with what to do after a car accident Dubai, it is of utmost importance to choose the best available Dubai insurance company. Company professionals will help you register a claim and follow the required guideline through the claim procedure. Do not forget, earlier claims will lead to earlier settlements. Given to Dubai insurance company procedures, you should follow the following steps while starting your claim:

  1. Provide an original police report.
  2. Provide a copy of the registration card from both parties.
  3. Provide the DL copy.
  4. Fill and sign the claim form.

Filing a Compensation Claim
Compensation Claim

With an experienced and reliable accident compensation lawyer in Dubai, you are sure to solve another highly important issue concerning what to do after a car accident Dubai. The issue refers to road accident compensation. The most challenging aspect in this regard concerns to whether you are allowed to file a claim when caught in a car accident Dubai. Consequently, another issue may arise from the cases concerning a car accident UAE – how much is the amount of compensation? This question calls for varying answers because the amount varies from case to case.

With regard to a car accident in UAE laws, a person is found to be compensated for all the losses that he/she has suffered as a result of the given accident, which may encompass damage to property or clothing, moral sufferings and loss of earnings.

The amount of road accident compensations is based on the following factors:

  1. The victims’ income and the amount spent on supporting his/her family.
  2. The victim’s age at the time of the accident.
  3. The harm limit inflicted to the sufferer.
  4. The moral suffering of the victim.
  5. The amount spent by the victim on medical issues.

Finally, it is important to prove the liability of the offender by legal measures, even if the liability is quite evident. It is significant to know that tortious liability is based on the following components: damage, fault and a causation link. However, one should also be aware of the fact that proving the availability of both damage and fault can also entail a presumption of a causation link. This can be rebutted through proofs stating a foreign cause. Additionally, it is vital to have sufficiently documented and provable facts stating the victim’s pain and suffering from a car accident Dubai.

How to Claim Blood Money?

It goes without saying that there are cases when a car has an accident in any of the emirates will end up with death. In such cases, the person, who caused the death, is to be charged a certain amount, known as blood money. The amount equals to 20.000 AED and is regarded as a fine to be paid correspondingly. Blood money is paid in both cases, regardless of whether the death was caused intentionally or by accident. Normally, it is included in the comprehensive policy held by the given person.

It is important to know that a principle, concerning how to claim blood money, has officially been approved by the Dubai Courts of Cassation. According to this principle, motorists, who cause a fatal car accident when driving with an expired driving license, have no right to claim blood money from their insurance company Dubai.

29th April 2017

Mr. Noor Hussain received his Cheque an Amount of 400,000/- from us after winning this case in Abudhabi Court

30th Aug 2017

MrHafiz Muhammad iktisham Received his Cheque from us after winning the case in Sharjah Court.

with help of God, we successfully finished car accident case dubai of Vahid Kannur,
by the judgment of the Sharjah appeal court we received 1.5 million dirhams (ONE AND HALF MILLION EMIRATES DIRHAMS).

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  1. Avatar for Furqan ali

    I want to know how to make a court case against the 16 year old boy and against his father and against my insurance company because they are not helping at all I sort my accident case it’s been. 2 months of my accident and. I’m still struggling for my claim .

  2. Avatar for MZ

    I need your help, i met an accident and my wife and 21 days child was in car. on the day of accident my child was not having any problem and police asked me to sign some consent that everyone is ok, i did sign as everyone was ok but three days later i discovered that my child’s clavicle bone has fractured due to impact, i noticed it because he was not moving his affected hand i took him to same hospital and we had X ray and it was confirmed. Can i file some legal lawsuit now?? waiting for reply.

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