Categories of Assault Cases


Assault cases are commonly understood when the offender intentionally or irresponsibly caused apprehension of unlawful personal violence to a victim. The victim must anticipate that the offender will make personal violence for it to be categorized as an assault. This includes threats, threats using weapons, and other similar attacks. Others can ignore a simple threat but these assaults against you can be grave and deadly. These small crimes must not be neglected.

For each offense committed you are categorized into specific assault case types:

Assault – It is a crime of violence against one another. These are typically a threat of injury that can cause harm to the other. It can be a verbal threat that would put the complainant in an uncomfortable state.

Assault with a deadly weapon – Threats can also include deadly weapons such as a knife, gun, or any object that can cause pain.
Assault with deadly weapon

Aggravated Battery – This assault case is filed when a deadly weapon injures the victim.
Aggravated Battery

Assaults with battery – Verbal threats are followed by bodily injury and the use of physical force.

Battery – This type of assault case excludes a verbal threat. The battery is an action using physical force to cause pain and injury.

Sexual Assault and Battery – This crime involves verbal threat and physical force against another person to perform sexual acts without consent.

Domestic Assault and Battery – This type of assault happens inside the home where a family member is threatened and beaten by another family member.

If you have been assaulted, you must know your right. Some may just let these threats pass. But no matter the charge of these threats, the case can still be very serious. You must report the incident when assaults are made against you.

When assaults are filed, the police will require you for medical documentation when the battery is involved. There are Assault Lawyers who can defend you in these serious cases. They will give legal advice on how to solve such cases.

Assault lawyers will know what exact type of case you are to file in court. They can represent you in hearings with conviction. Work with your lawyer. Prepare all pieces of evidence and proof to strengthen the case. Like any other legal case, the assault will always be treated fairly in court. An assault case can be a heinous act that the offender can be charged with numerous cases.

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  1. Avatar for Bryan

    I have problm in my credit card..i did not pay for more than a month due to financial the bank time to time calling me and to my family friends even my co workers..before i was explaining and i answering there call but i dont what how they’re treating the person,shouted ,treating that they well call police ,harassing,and now earlier i recieve messages from the internet…even my family and friends that they say…mr. Bryan (wife of @@@@) kindly inform them that he is wanted with criminal case filed in dubai for the bounced check CID and police is currently looking after this person pls send this to the other friend…..i was thingking too much and my wife she cannot sleep properly she’s pregnant and im worried to much…bec. Of this message in fb..all my friend and family knows already and very shyness to talk what i will do…pls help me…i can file a case also
    here in uae for this harassment…tnxz and god well bless u…

  2. Avatar for Dennis


    I would like to seek for legal advise regarding a case I will be filing to Sharjah court. My case happenedin Al Nahda, sharjah regarding an assault from a sharjah taxi driver. It is just an ordinary argument which led to fight and I was pulled and the driver struct me several times in the face till my eyebrow got wounded and bled during this assault I was wearing my eye glasses and it was removed during the punch he throwed at me. The instance also hitted my wife as she tries to calm down the driver in between us. Medical and police report was made in Sharjah. I would like to seek on the procedures for filing this case and the legalities in doing so.

    Hope for your prompt response,

    Thanks & regards,

  3. Avatar for jin


    I would like to ask if my company can file absconding case for me for not exiting. I overstayed for 3months already because i have a police case for bounced check. My passport is with my company.

  4. Avatar for laarni

    I have 1 colleague in the company and she is not doing her job properly. actually we have some personal issues but she is mixing personal issues to work issues. Now she is accusing me of taking the works personally and i am making problems for her which is not true. She told me that she knows i can let her out of the company but she will make sure that something bad will happen to me and i will regret that i put her here in our company. In this case, can i go to the police and tell them about this. i dont have written evidence because it was said directly on my face. I want to make sure that i will be safe everywhere in or out of the office.

  5. Avatar for Tarek

    I want to enquire about carrying a law suit against a bank.
    I am delayed on my bank payments due to a delay in bonus payment from my company – I explained that I would make the pending card payment to the bank in the course of the week but they keep calling. Several employees multiple times each day. I stopped answering the calls and one of the employees sends me a text saying “pay or else your details will be shared with Etihad Bureau for black listing”
    That sounds like a threat and I am not taking it too well.
    What’s the law suit related to written threats?

  6. Avatar for Doha

    My neighbour is continously harrassing me she also tried to choke me once .She has some fight going on with a friend of mine on a social networking site I replied to one of ny friend’s post it was not about her even her name wasn’t mentioned and it was nothing serious.But my neighbour comes to my door and is constantly using abusive language my other neighbours have also witnessed her doing that.Please guide me what should I do and under what law it falls?

  7. Avatar for pinto

    My manager threatened to slap me in front of 20 other staff if I don’t submit two files the next day. He called me a bad word for not drinking alcohol in one of the office parties. He also told another employer to hit me when I gave a wrong answered during training questions and answers session. He told me to submit the files on Thursday. I am scared to go to office. I am on probation now. I don’t know what to do after spending so much on visa and traveling expenses I don’t have money to give the company if I’m terminated.

  8. Avatar for choi

    I’m in a sharing flat. Flatmate is inviting friends in our flat to drink, sing a and they are very noisy. If I will call police while they are having a party, i’m concern of other flatmates as I have read that since sharing flat is illegal, all people inside the flat will be arrested. is it true? I already talked to this person but this person came to me after 4 days shouting and pointing the finger in my face.

  9. Avatar for Gerty Gift

    My friend had to do a research paper on assault and I was wondering about the basics of it all. I appreciate you mentioning that assault doesn’t have to be physical. This is something that I didn’t realize before and it’s given me a lot to think about.

  10. Avatar for legalbridge-admin

    She might most likely get a fine and Police might ask her to pay your medical bills, Best is to visit us to understand more.

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