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Check Criminal Cases in Dubai Before Travelling to the UAE

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Arrest Warrant

There are two judiciary divisions in the UAE, namely the local judiciary and the federal judiciary. The country’s legal system structure is complicated with the dual courts, civil courts that operate in parallel and Sharia courts. All of them cover different legal areas.

Every Emirate has its very own federal court

You might get arrested

The attorney you hire is going to perform a thorough check

This is clarified by Article 104 of the constitution that local judicial authorities in each of the emirates are accountable for all judicial affairs and issues not delegated or assigned to the federal judiciary by the constitution. Consequently, all judicial affairs fall under the jurisdiction of local authorities in each emirate, not under the national judicial authorities.

Jurisdictions to the federal courts

Article 105 of the constitution permits transferring all or part of any emirates judicial jurisdictions to the federal courts by federal law upon the request of that emirate. Criminal, civil and commercial cases allowed to be referred to federal appeal courts are defined by a federal law whose decisions are final.

In the UAE, for instance, every Emirate has its very own federal court even though Ras al Khaimah and Dubai have their distinct judicial frameworks.

What Does It Mean to You If You Want to Check Criminal Cases in Dubai or UAE?

There is no need for the creditor to file a police case in your area of residence or within the same Emirate. So, if you happen to be a resident of Dubai or you used to be one and you hope that the bank or your creditor files a case in one of the police stations of Emirate, a big surprise might await you so it is better to check police case before even entering the UAE.

All you need to do is enter the card number of your Emirates ID

It is now possible for residents to know and check online if ever they have any financial case that has been registered solely in Dubai and is not valid for the rest of the Emirates. The police in Dubai offers an online service for free that allows UAE residents if there is a travel ban against them because of financial cases exclusively in the Dubai Emirate.

Download the app of Dubai Police available in Google Play

When using this service, all you need to do is enter the card number of your Emirates ID and have access to the mobile number that was registered against your Emirates ID. Once you enter the UID number, as the requester, you need to verify yourself with the OTP that will be sent to your mobile number. In order to take advantage of this service, just go to the official website of Dubai Police or download the app of Dubai Police available in Google Play and iTunes.

Checking of Status of Police Case in Abu Dhabi Online

Abu Dhabi’s Judicial Department also has its own online service that allows Abu Dhabi residents to check if the Public Prosecution has requested for claims filed against them. In order to use this service, the requester has to enter the emirates ID number and must also have access to the mobile number that is registered against his or her Emirates ID.

Checking if You Have Police Case in Sharjah and the Other Emirates

Although an online system is not available for other Emirates, the most practical choice is to give a power of attorney to a friend or near relative or appoint an attorney. In case you are already in the UAE, the police are going to request you to come personally. If you are not in the country, you have to get POA (power of attorney) attested by your home country’s UAE embassy. The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also attest to the Arabic translation POA.

We can still check criminal cases or travel ban in UAE without emirates id, please contact us.

UAE Travel Ban and Arrest Warrant Check Service with us

It is important to work with an attorney who will perform a complete check on a potential arrest warrant and travel ban filed against you in the UAE. All the necessary documents must be submitted and the results of this check are available with no need to personally visit government authorities in the UAE.

The attorney you hire is going to perform a thorough check with the related UAE government authorities to determine if there is an arrest warrant or travel ban filed against you. You now can save your money and time by staying away from the possible risks of getting arrested or being rejected to leave or enter the UAE during your travel or if there is an airport ban in UAE. All you need to do is submit the necessary documents online and in a matter of days, you will be able to get the results of this check by email from the attorney.

The documents necessary for conducting an investigation or check criminal cases in Dubai on travel ban include clear colored copies of the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Resident permit or the latest residence visa page
  • Expired passport if it bears the stamp of your residence visa
  • The newest exit stamp if there is any
  • Emirates ID if there is any

You can take advantage of this service if you need to travel through, to, and from the UAE and you want to ensure that you have not been blacklisted.

What is Included in the Service?

General advice – If your name is included on the blacklist, the attorney can provide general advice on the next necessary steps to deal with the situation.

Complete check – The attorney is going to run the check with the related government authorities on a potential arrest warrant and travel ban filed against you in the UAE.

Privacy – The personal details that you share and all the things you discuss with your attorney will be under the protection of the attorney-client privilege.

Email report – You will get the check’s results by email from your lawyer. The results are going to indicate if you have a warrant/ban or not.

What is Not Included in the Service?

Lifting the ban – The attorney is not going to deal with the tasks of having your name removed from the ban or lifting the ban.

Reasons for warrant/ban – The attorney will not investigate or give you complete information about the reasons for your warrant or ban if there is any.

Power of attorney – There are instances when you need to give a Power of Attorney to the lawyer to perform the check. If this is the case, the lawyer will inform you and advise you on how it is issued. Here, you need to handle all relevant expenses and it will also be settled individually.

Guarantee of results – There are times when authorities don’t disclose information about blacklisting because of security reasons. The check’s outcome will depend on your specific situation and there is no guarantee to it.

Additional work – Legal services beyond doing the check described above require a different agreement.

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