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Detained In Dubai and Juvenile Detention

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Dubai is one of the most been-to cities in the world. It’s in the top list of travellers and job hunters because of the country’s wealth and because of its gorgeous and luxurious scenery. The city depicts exotic beauty and fun, even for those who have never been to the beautiful city. It is easily the epitome of endless possibilities in architecture and construction. A beauty to behold!

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Dubai: Most travelled city

However, with all the beauties the Dubai city or UAE has to offer, it has gained an equally strong reputation for jailing visitors even for the minutest offense.

Over the years, a growing number of foreign tourists who are generally unaware of the strict, no-tolerance policy in the United Arab Emirates, end up in jail when found wanting of any of the laws and regulation. Although there’s no guarantee that you or your loved ones might not fall a victim of these, at the same time, taking adequate precatory measures is in your own best interest. You never can tell when it will come handy.

Planning For Immigration Detention

You don’t necessarily plan to be detained in UAE because you possess a skeleton in your closet that may raise suspicion from the immigration officers. Simply call it an immigration insurance policy. Just as your regular car insurance, home insurance, and the rest, planning for any possible immigration detention is insurance.

So, how should you go about the whole “immigration insurance thing?”

Have An Emergency Contact

While in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, anything can go wrong, which is necessarily not a fault of yours. Make an emergency contact list and let someone else have a copy. Your contact list must include your attorney. Also, your family and close friends should be there and possibly, your doctor.

SIM-Save Contacts

There’s every possibility that your phone will be taken away from you once you are detained. If you have your contacts saved in your SIM as well as your phone, you can quickly assess them back when the chance presents itself.

Keep Duplicates Of Your Documents

Ensure that you have a copy of all your documents. These will be highly useful for your lawyer in pursuing your freedom and proving you not guilty as may be charged. Aside from the detention issue, you never can tell what Mother Nature has in store for you in UAE.

Give Your Spare Room Key To A Friend

Some of the essential things you need in case of any emergency might be in your home. Letting a trusted friend have your spare key is the wisest decision you will have to make.

Doctor’s Report

If you happened to be on medication of any sort, do well to get a concise doctor’s report before heading to Dubai. Dubai has many banned substances; your doctor’s prescription might just be your lifeline.

Always Better To Avoid Problems Than To Fix Them Later

You certainly would not go to UAE, hoping to be detained. As long as you stick to the country’s statutes, you are as free as a bird. Preventing possible harassment and detention involves been in good books with your legal adviser.

Detained in Dubai and Why You Need a Lawyer for it

Although not all legal battles need the assistance of a lawyer, for many situations where a legal dispute is involved, such as when you find yourself detained in UAE airport, it can get quite risky if you go for it all by yourself. Lawyers spend most of their time studying the laws. This is the reason why they are the first person you can count on if you need legal help.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should have a lawyer by yourself if you are detained in Dubai or Juvenile detention:

Save Money

A lawyer has the right skills, experience, and knowledge to fight for you and your rights. They understand the ins and outs of the law. They have enough knowledge to assist you with negotiation. Therefore, lawyers have what it takes for you to get a better deal that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Take note that there are several cases that let you claim legal fees. This means that aside from receiving a fair trial, there is also a chance that you don’t have to pay a single cent.

File the Right Paperwork

When it comes to legalities, it is critical to file the correct court documents. Messing up with even one of these documents may jeopardize your case. Since lawyers have extensively studied the law, they know all the appropriate documents and the procedure that should be followed during their filing. This means that lawyers are in the best position in guiding you on the documents you should prepare, how, and when to file them to ensure that you don’t miss important deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines might derail the legal process, your case as a whole, or it can even be used against you.

Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Average persons might not be aware of their legal rights as a citizen and the role of lawyers is to explain these rights to you and help you fight for them.  Just so you know, even lawyers also hire other lawyers as their legal representative. So, it is always recommended to hire the services of an attorney, not only when you have been detained in UAE airport but also when reviewing contracts, starting a new business, or dealing with things with legal consequences. This can help you save yourself from any avoidable legal pitfalls.

Work with a Lawyer to Match the Lawyer of Your Opponent

Since lawyers are necessary in court cases, you can expect that your opponent is working with a seasoned lawyer as well. Surely, you don’t want to engage in mediation with someone who knows the law well. The worse thing that can happen is if things go against you and you find yourself in the courtroom without a lawyer and without any legal knowledge. If this happens, you have very slim chances of winning the legal battle.

Focus on Improvement and Healing

In cases where an injury is involved in the dispute or discrimination, working with a lawyer lets you focus on the process of recovery. It doesn’t matter if the pain is financial, emotional or physical, focusing your attention and energies on recovery and restoration of your normal life is important.

These are some of the many reasons why hiring a lawyer is critical when you are detained in Dubai or you are involved in any legal dispute.

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