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Welcome to one of the most reputable law firms in Dubai. We are a dedicated team of legal professionals committed to providing excellent advice and support for our clients. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than being able to help someone stand up for their rights regardless of whether they are facing criminal charges or just need legal support with an everyday issue.

We ensure that all the facts are gathered so that we can take the best possible course of action and deliver results that exceed your expectations. You can be confident that you’ve come to the right place when you work with us.

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Legal Consultation

Our initial consultation is proof of our commitment to helping you with your legal issues. No obligation means that you have no pressure to hire us and a small fee will be charged for this initial consultation. In fact, if there’s anything you do not understand or need further clarification on, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Our Consultation Sessions with Clients Entail

When you come in for the consultation, we will take the time to:

  • Talk with you about your concerns.
  • Review any relevant documents before giving you our insights into how we believe the law should be applied in your case.
  • Draw up a plan for how we can help you.
  • Tell you exactly how much it will cost for us to represent you, along with what other expenses might be involved.

Although it may seem overwhelming, our consultations are designed to make the legal process easier for clients who are not familiar with what is required of them or their rights.

Consulting Experts in Many Areas of Law

Whether you want a criminal defense lawyer, an advocate for your rights with the Child Protection Law, or just legal advice on how to file a civil case, we are here to help. Our expertise is highly valued by our clients and has even managed to impress judges who have called us back again and again to represent their interests.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Family law – including divorce, child custody, and support
  • Employment law – including wrongful termination & salary disputes
  • Immigration law – helping people relocate to the UAE legally & successfully
  • Civil rights – understanding your rights as a citizen of Dubai or elsewhere
  • Defamation law – fighting your corner against libel and slander
  • Personal injuries – helping you get the compensation you deserve after an accident
  • Criminal defense – providing strong legal support for people facing criminal charges
  • Car accidents and personal injuries
  • Property law

Whatever your situation, we can help you get through it and assist in protecting your rights.

In-House Legal Support from Our Team of Experts

Our team of advocates and consultants has been carefully handpicked to ensure that our clients get the best legal support possible. We all work as a team, sharing knowledge and experience with each other so you receive the best advice every time you need us. With over 20 years’ experience in a range of legal fields, we have a broad range of knowledge and expertise which we draw upon to provide the best possible service for you.

We understand that it can be intimidating to contact a law firm or solicitor in Dubai, but our friendly team is happy to answer all of your questions before charging you a penny. We also offer several different payment options, including monthly installments, which means you can get the legal help you need without having to worry about the cost.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have helped many people in Dubai and abroad. We understand that legal help can make a real difference to your case, so if you need someone who understands your needs take the time to read some of our success stories for inspiration. With us, you’ll get:

  • An affordable service: Our price plans are designed to meet your budget, so you get the help you need without breaking the bank.
  • A personal legal team: You’ll get a dedicated lawyer who will stay on top of your case and keep you updated every step of the way. We also offer consultations where our lawyers can find out more about the case and show you the options that are available to you.
  • A hassle-free service: We don’t want legal issues to get in the way of your work, family, or everyday life, so we make sure everything is handled for you, from filing paperwork to managing communications with other parties involved.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your rights: If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your case, you don’t have to pay us.
  • Experience: We have helped many people in similar situations as yours, so we know what will work for you and how to get results.

We are waiting to Help You with Your Legal Issues

You can benefit from our knowledge of UAE law and practical experience when it comes to taking the right course of action for your case. Our mission is to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome in every legal situation and we will do everything we can to get you the results you deserve.

Get started by calling us now at +971506531334 or +971558018669, or drop us an email at Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so feel free to get in touch whenever you need assistance with your legal matter.

We look forward to working with you!


27 thoughts on “Get Consultation from Qualified Advocates”

  1. Avatar for Nitin

    Good Morning,

    I would like to get a format of MOU which will be signed between two real estate brokerage firms where the main purpose of the MOU would be to share property details that both of us can never approach the landlords/Tenants/Buyers/Sellers of the properties shared between eachother.

    Eg. – Our Buyer, their Seller. They can’t approach our buyer ever for anything and vice versa.

    This has to be the case for all types of deals in a Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Also, all commission/Top ups made in each deal is to be shared equally between both the parties. That has to be kept transparent.

    Please help me out.


  2. Avatar for Sandra Simic
    Sandra Simic


    I’m contacting you in regards of required consultation via mail or conference call with a possibility for a fee to be paid online.

    Below is a situation in question of a dear friend of mine and we would appreciate your earliest & kind reply:

    My friend, originally from Serbia, has been working in Qatar for several years up until few months ago.
    During her Annual Leave, personal issues have happened therefor she was not able to come back to Qatar.
    She had a Personal Loan & Credit Card debt in approx. amount of 370 000 QAR in a local bank.
    Now after finalising her issues she managed to get a job offer in Dubai UAE.

    Questions she need an answer to, from a legal point of view:

    1. Would she be able to enter UAE with no issue?
    2. Would she have any issue with working visa issuance in UAE?
    3. Would it be an issue opening an Account in any of the UAE banks?

    Please bear in mind she did get a divorce in between, where she took back her maiden name and therefor has newly issued passport.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Looking forward to your prompt reply.


  3. Avatar for Suresh Babu

    I am an Indian expat living in Dubai last 20 years, I am planning to own a motor Home (RV) in UAE, is there any legal obligations to purchase and staying in the Motor Home.

  4. Avatar for saburudeen

    Dear sir,
    i am from India, now i m working in dubai, unfortunately my marriage certificate is wrongly printed my name as in surname , surname is place in my name place.

    for example
    NAME : ABC
    SUR NAME : 123

    according to my UAE ID my name mention as ABC 123

    but my marriage certificate my name mention as 123 ABC

    still not attest my marriage certificate, any problem will come for attestation?,

    i want to clear my marriage certificate from UAE , kindly give me a suggestion and what are thing i do it for correct it.

    i want to add my wife name in my passport.


  5. Avatar for Ash Dilvik

    I am a resident of UAE for the last 13 years, established a company in UAE, and own a business. Last year in February 2014, the other party filed a police case against me for a bounced cheque amounting to about 1.3 million AED. The other party gave me this amount as loan in exchange of equipment worth more than this amount, which I gave to them, and there exists a Loan Contract for the same. At that time, since I did not have the money I kept quiet, the police sent the file to the court, and a criminal case was filed with 2 years jail sentence for me in case I cannot give the money back. During early August 2014, I got the money and made arrangements to call the other party through the court committee several times to return my equipment, take their money back, and mutually settle this criminal case by withdrawing it. The other party had been avoiding all the time to settle this matter. Maybe they do not have my equipment , or maybe they sold the equipment or maybe they have damaged my equipment and cannot return it in its original condition or even their intention might be to keep my equipment as well as get their money back at the same time taking advantage of the UAE Bounced Cheque Law.
    Then I filed a civil case in this connection by relating the criminal case and at the same time I could manage to obtain bail (release) for me for which my and my wife’s and one of my colleague’s passports were deposited to the court as guarantee. The criminal case was being heard at the court and after four hearings, the judge decided to release judgement in the 5th hearing which happened end of last month. The judgement was ruled as “To Keep The Previous Ruling Effective, ie 2 Years Jail Sentence If Money Is Not Paid”. For more than 10 days after that, because the judgement paper was not officially signed and released to me, I filed an appeal and the court accepted it and gave me the receipt. The court has announced the date of hearing for the appeal case by the end of the 3rd week of this month. Just yesterday, I got the official judgement paper and I filed an application to continue my release based on facts that our three passports will continue to be kept as guarantee and it is already with the court.
    My questions:
    1. What happens if the court does not sanction the bail (release)?
    2. If the court does not grant bail and while attending the appeal hearing on the date assigned at the court, can the police arrest me?
    3. If the bail is not granted, can I deposit the owed cheque amount to the court before the appeal hearing date and settle the criminal case and withdraw our passports and names removed from the blacklist? In this situation can the criminal case be resolved and I am only left with the option to justify myself true in the civil case?
    4. Do I still face risk of going to jail, even though I settle the bounced cheque amount at any stage of the court ruling?

  6. Avatar for Ovais


    I am an expat living in Dubai from last 1 and a half year. My first job here was a Property Consultant with one Real Estate firm in Dubai. The owner of the company an expat as well, happened to have POA of many properties, out of which i found a buyer for one been on sale for more than 4 months. After receiving the money, which can from buyer to POA holder in October 2014, the POA holder has not transferred the property to the buyer till now. So thee buyer has lodged a case against the POA holder, and the Company and the POA holder is currently serving time in Jail for the same case. Since he did not pay my salary from November 2014, i resigned from the company in mid December.
    Today i got a call from Dubai Court asking me to collect notice from Room 112 Notice Department, as i have a case registered from the Buyer of the same property on my name for 1.5 Million AED.
    I am not sure what to do in this situation, i was salaried there at 5000 AED , which wasn’t even paid to me in last 3 months of my employment there. I have not received any money or any commission from the said deal either. So my questions here are:

    1. How am i to be held responsible for any of this?
    2. Should i go to the court to collect the notice ?
    3. I need legal advice in the case urgently, i am not fully aware of the laws here and i don’t want to get involved with any issues whatsoever.

    Thank You

  7. Avatar for shiny

    Kindly advice me how I can get my 1 year baby under my custody once I divorce.
    My husband harassed me a lot,used to beat me and doubt me.He doesn’t want to work and wants to live on my money

  8. Avatar for Sana


    I am an Indian Muslim. I want to get a divorce from my husband. Could you please advice me on which law would be advantageous for me (Indian or Shariah) in obtaining full custody of my children ( A son aged 9 and a daughter aged 3)

  9. Avatar for mohammad

    Good Morning

    Dear sir

    please help me and guide me how to slove my probs. i am the one in my family to take care them. i have a loan and credit card from dunia finince.
    in 36 month i have paid 21 month reguler. credit card also i use 20 month regular and paid all dues and fine. but end of time i am suffring with liver probs and i was unable to pay. they bonnced the securety cheque . and now police complaint. i am in problum. i have small kid, and bro sis. please help me God will bless u all, i have no parents. i am the elder in families. all are small bro sis. please help me. i am ready to pay in sttalment as in monthly small amount. but not able to pay as they want intress. please please help me. to remove name from police compaint. to make my sattelment in easy stallment


  10. Avatar for Balpreet

    I want to have legal advice. I am buying a Yacht with 100% of my money but ad it Will be useing only for commercial purposs (renting) i Need to registred with yacht charter company. As i dont have trade licence.
    I want to know is There any letter or proof can be make that i m the owner of yacht. Company said they can make moa from court is they saying true??
    I want to have legal document. So There Will be no problem in future.
    Help me out with this .

    Many Thanks

  11. Avatar for Amir

    Dear Sir/Mam

    I have residence permit in Dubai, with employment contract, but I have got a better job in Ras al Khaimah, but I have afraid of my passport which is manual (non Machine Read Passport),
    does Emirate of Ras al Khaimah issue me residence permit?
    if yes,
    then after deadline of manual passports (20-Nov-2015),
    what will happen to my residence permit and passport?

    Thank you Sir,

    Kind Regards,

  12. Avatar for josh

    I got a job at a company as online sales manager. I designed websites for their new business without getting my visa or labour contract. The company terminated me because I would not comply with some of their new policies. They refused to pay my salary saying they spent for my visa and they had to cancel it. And I didn’t collect my full salary for the first month. So I redirected the websites I built for them to google till they pay my salary.

    I have already spent 2 nights in police custody and came out without any form of bail. My former boss still calls me saying he is going to take full legal action as if my 2 nights tgere was child’s play. So please guide me on this matter. Should I let him have the sites or he must pay me the money he owes me?? Because I know it’s the employer’s duty to make the visa and I didn’t resign.

  13. Avatar for Saleem

    One year ago, one agent took a Rs.50,000 from me as a advance for arranging the job in the UAE. He promised for getting job in 2 months but unable to arrange job within time. He gave back my advance money. He, then, also closed his office & disappeared.
    Now, after one year, I decided to go myself on the tourist visa to UAE to try my luck but when travel agency applied the visa, he told me that already, there is a job visa applied at immigration for you. So, you can’t get tourist visa. I was shocked to know it. I asked him to tell me that which company applied for this visa? He didn’t able to answer it. He said, he could get the job visa cancel. I asked him to get it cancelled because I didn’t know about it anything.
    So, travel agent got it cancelled first and then he able to get a tourist visa for me. Now, I have a question. Am I ban for getting a job in UAE? If so, then how can I remove labor ban because I don’t know that who applied for my job visa. I was never ever contacted by anyone. I was never ever get any job offer. Please guide me.

  14. Avatar for N Y


    My car was involved in a car accident on 1st Jan. I had left my car with a shop to change some accessories. Later i got a call from saeed to reach the shop. The employee from the shop, while moving my car lost control and hit the entrance of shop. My car is fully insured. Now after filing for claim , the insurance company is refusing to pay the repair charges.

    Are they right in doing so or i have some other options?

  15. Avatar for Syria

    I am married to a christian ceremony in philippines, from 2012 im not living with my husband and during that period we develop gap and differences that cause us to choose the path we think right, i converted to islam november 2015 but hes still christian and he refuse to convert, he told me lets just make separation agreement and file a divorce here in dubai later we will also go to philippines to file annulment this is to assure that no one of us even our family will continously get emotionally abuse by this issue, do we need to get a lawyer or by means of translated separation agreemement we can proceed filling divorce?

  16. Avatar for Usama


    My name usama
    I’m facing some family regarding my marriage

    I like a girl she from Pakistan and I’m india

    Her family has rejected me because of country difference
    We my family have done same with her

    And her family is forcefully getting her married with some 1 else

    So we really wana get marry with each other

    So can have legal advice so that I can marry that girl

    And yeah we both have following same religion islam

  17. Avatar for syed abid ali
    syed abid ali

    Due to discrepancy in my signatures, my regular is to pay by cash and collect the cheque.
    On 27th April, I did the same, I took the cash for my quarterly rental payment. The owner was not available so had to visit his office three time, finally had to wait outside his office in end of the day to handover the cash. But he didn’t accept the cash and stated they cheque is already deposited in morning.
    Finally on 1st May the owner reported the cheque is bounced and on same day I handed over the cash to owner in confirmation the cheque will be returned tomorrow.

    Now owner is claiming penalty of 500 AED due to cheque bounce and threating to report legal case. The owner have not returned my cheque and only cash receiving slip. The owner also have deposit which is around + AED 3000.

    1) Can my owner file legal case against me, although there are no pending dues?
    2) Do I need to pay penalty as I already offered him cash on same date of cheque.

    * Penalty of AED 500 is mentioned in contract.
    * The cheque bounced was of closed bank account.
    * On 27th April, when it was reported the cheque is already deposited, I asked my cheque is of which bank, and wrong bank name was reported. (the bank name which was reported had sufficient funds)

    your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    With regards,
    Syed Abid Ali.

  18. Avatar for Saj

    Good Morning

    I need some help in debt settlement, I have 2 loans and 4 credit cards with various banks.
    I was paying every month until my old company didn’t pay our salaries for months and then I resigned from my employer and had to wait 4 months for my new employer to complete the new visa process.
    For the last 12 months we have struggled to keep up with the payments and would like your help to ease the pain and suffering we face each day. Total debt is approx AED 150,000

  19. Avatar for Aaron

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to consult a case. I have been filed a lawsuit (embezzlement) by my employer last October 2015. Which I assure you I didn’t do. Up to this writing, the case is still with the Court and has keep on moving the verdict date. I already stopped working for that employer since the case started and now my Residence Visa is expired. I was not able to apply for any job or cancel the visa as the Police took my passport when the case started.

    My question is can I apply and get a visa (temporary?) while the case is still ongoing? If so, what are the steps I need to take in order for this to proceed?

  20. Avatar for Joy

    Hi good day
    I’m joy
    I stay for 8 year bfore in UAE I have problems last 2015 bfore in sharja regarding document for stamp foreign affair they said its fake after that I got case then n gv me judgment for 6 month after I make appeal in submitted my document again with foreign affairs stamp n UAE embassy stamp here in Philippines after I got my final judgment they give me result for innocent on 2016 so the case is close n I clear my name but I got deported I have bfore a visa n I don’t have any case but I’m still deported in my country how can I remove or how can I appeal for that to have change to come back in UAE how can I remove if have possible can remove my blocklist ban there in UAE if any change we are willing to take a legal advice in if we pay that for legal I im welling to go that way.
    Hope somebody can tell if have any change for my problem.
    Regards and thank u

  21. Avatar for Manoj Pandi

    Actually i was working as Qc engineer in One company at abudhabi after that i got new job offer from another company which its placed on dubai. So i had cancelled my visa and went to india. Since five months i had been waiting for visa but still i didnt get the visa from Dubai company.Please advice me shall i file case against to that company.

    Note : Currently i am at Abu dhabi.

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