How to Fight False Criminal Accusations in UAE Courts

False Accusations and Allegations Law in UAE

How to Fight False Criminal Accusations in UAE Courts | Defamation Law in UAE

Criminal Case For False Accusation in The UAE

Unfortunately, the court can charge you and even find you guilty for a crime or crimes you did not commit. You could be falsely accused of any type of crime, including murder, assault, rape, theft, and arson. Typically, false accusations are due to mistaken identity, malicious accusations, misleading or wrong forensic evidence, and other forms of misconduct.

Regardless of the reason behind the false accusations charges, it may leave you feeling hopeless and in despair. Generally, your life, including your job, family life, and reputation, is in jeopardy. Additionally, you risk imprisonment, hefty monetary fines, and other penalties for something you did not do.

Worse still, there is usually no clear evidence to discount the accusations in cases or situations where false accusations are common, including domestic violence and workplace sexual harassment cases. Essentially, you may need more than the truth when fighting false criminal accusations.

Besides hiring a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself when facing false accusations

Steps or strategies you can use to fight off false accusations include:

a) Challenge the Accuser’s/Witness’s Credibility

Unfortunately, many accusers in false accusation cases have ulterior motives, where they intend to gain something at your expense by lying to the court. From estranged spouses seeking child custody or spousal support to malicious employees seeking compensation for false workplace harassment, there is usually a likelihood of lies in false accusations.

You should aim to impeach the witness as one of the strategies of fighting a false accusation. Impeaching a witness involves presenting evidence that puts the accuser’s credibility in question. Typically, the accuser/witness may have a history of lying. You and your lawyer need to present evidence that makes them unreliable in the eyes of the court.

Challenging the accuser’s credibility while showing they have an ulterior motive in making false accusations against you can help prove your innocence.

b) Gather As Much Evidence As You Can

Besides showing the court that the accuser has been less than truthful in their accusations, you need to gather evidence to support your side of the story. You should not expect the prosecution or the judges to question the witness’s credibility without any evidence to support your claims.

Since every story has two sides, you need to support your side of the story by presenting your evidence. You should acknowledge the seriousness of the accusations and start gathering physical evidence, including documentation, as soon as you become aware of the accusations.

For instance, in a false accusation involving sexual harassment in the workplace, you should gather any evidence that might help you, including receipts, emails, and other forms of correspondence or information. Where necessary, you should have witnesses who can vouch for you and your innocence while attesting to the accuser’s misconduct or ulterior motives.

c) Counter sue for Defamation or Libel

You can turn the case on its head by countersuing your accuser for defamation or libel. One of the strategies of fighting a false accusation is intervening before charges go to court, including threatening to counter sue the accuser. Since false accusations are illegal, you should go ahead and counter sue the accuser if they fail to withdraw the charges.

Mostly, false accusations are serious allegations that can completely ruin a person’s life hence the need to do everything possible to defend yourself, including countersuing the accuser. However, as with the other strategies, you may need to hire an expert criminal defense lawyer to help you turn the charges around.

Why You Need an Attorney or a local UAE lawyer When False Accused of a Crime

Whether the case is in the investigations stage or the court has formally charged you with the false accusations, you need to defend your rights. Besides the seriousness of the accusations and the complexity of the criminal law system, false accusations may leave you disoriented.

You may find yourself acting in a way that further complicates your case, including negotiating with the accuser or even getting violent with them. You may also consent to police searches or give out implicating information to the prosecution without your attorney.

You need the support and guidance of an expert attorney at every stage of the case to help you make the right decisions. An attorney will also help you collect the necessary evidence and counter sue the accuser, if necessary. Typically, a criminal defense lawyer can help you prove your innocence even when it seems like all is lost.

If you have been falsely accused of a crime and feel hopeless, contact our expert criminal defense lawyers. We will defend your rights as we help you get on with your life despite the unsettling experience.

Hire a Specialized Criminal Lawyer

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