Caught In An Accident in the UAE? Know Your Legal Rights Better!

“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.” – David Feherty

From the legal aspect, it is highly important for drivers to better know their legal rights and obligations so that when faced car accidents UAE, they can better protect their rights. Most often, drivers know very little beyond having a driver license – no policy details concerning insurance, compensation payment on accidents, and healthcare issues.

To Be On The Safe Side

While discussing legal aspects related to car accidents UAE, one should never be ignorant towards issues concerning insurance companies in Dubai, and compensation payments on car accidents on Dubai roads. It is beyond reasonable doubt that motor insurance in Dubai is of absolute necessity.

With the right insurance policy, drivers can be sure to better protect themselves when facing infringement of their legal rights, or when dealing with health and safety cases. Do not forget – ignorance of law is never regarded as a true justification from the part of the courts.

Among other things, it is important to know that the Roads and Transport Authority or RTA of the UAE has called a registration regulation into action from August 2010. According to this, five insurance companies can apply car registration while the driver is doing his/her car registration. If the vehicle is over 3 years old, the owner can have it tested at authorized test centers, including Tasjeel. Then, he/she can turn to RSA, Fujairah, Oman, AXA, Noor Takaful or other Insurances for the car registration and insurance.

Surely, with the availability of a valid UAE driving license, you can better cope with issues referring to car accidents UAE, including traffic costs of the wrecks, insurance laws, and related laws. This is true whether you are dealing with alcohol or drug consumptions cases, illegal car cases, or such rare cases as animal injury or killing ones.

Compensation Payment On Accidents On Dubai Roads
Compensation Payment

The so-called comprehensive motor insurance is a highly recommended motor insurance in UAE, Dubai. Do note that if a car is too old, the driver will be asked to apply for a third-party motor insurance. When it comes to the comprehensive motor insurance, the latter is to cover the driver’s own car from car accidents UAE, explosions, fire, and vandalism and burglary. Moreover, it is expected to offer a third-party coverage for injury or death to a third party, or for damage to the driver’s property or car.

Following the comprehensive motor insurance, it is recommended to go through the whole documentation and the final print for checking. The thing is that motor insurance policies may vary from case to case with regard to geographical coverage, coverage for the driver’s passengers and household members. The latter issues also refer to employees, coverage for medical expenses, agency repair, temporary replacement car, roadside assistance, a no-claim bonus while renewing the insurance and whether the insurance policy covers off-road driving cases for 4ED vehicles. In case you drive to GCC countries, it is recommended to have the so-called Oman coverage, because there exist several Omani enclaves throughout the UAE and GCC.

How To Claim Blood Money In Dubai?
Blood Money

Given car accidents UAE, it is vital to know about the Islamic Law or Sharia, observe the Law and fulfil the appropriate requirements of the Law. The legal system implemented in Dubai can be regarded as a combination of criminal and civil laws. However, other emirates apply only the Islamic Law or Sharia.

According to the legal laws and regulations applied in Dubai, if a person causes the injury or death of another person, the former shall pay the so-called Blood Money or Dirya, regardless of whether the death was caused with a malicious intent or by accident. The Blood Money in Islamic law implies the sum to be paid to the victim’s family as a compensation payment on accident. The Blood Money in UAE is 200.000 AED, though Sharia states that the life of a Muslim counts for a larger sum of Blood Money as compared with people representing other ethnic groups, faiths or religions.

How To Claim Blood Money From An Insurance Company

If a person, who caused the death of another person, is found guilty under the criminal procedure, or bears the legal responsibility for committing the crime, offense or wrongful act, shall be obliged to pay Blood Money.

While figuring out how to claim Blood Money in Dubai, you should consider the following points:

  • Blood Money is not paid if a person causes the death of another person while trying to defend himself, his family or property, or another person or the latter’s family.
  • A female’s family is granted half the amount for a male – 100.000 AED. However, the judge is in charge of determining the sum of the Blood Money to be paid.
  • The owner of an animal, which has caused the death of a person, is to be legally responsible and pay Blood Money.
  • A company manager or the owner of a building, or any other person in charge will be obliged to pay Blood Money if the building collapses causing the death of a person as a result of negligence.
  • One should know how to claim Blood Money from an insurance company by making a person bear legal responsibility for the death caused by the latter’s machinery or equipment.

Importantly, the Blood Money in Islamic Law also depends on whether the crime is committed to one or more persons. There are cases, when the persons, who are found guilty, shall pay with regard to their crime share. On the other hand, there are cases, when the court orders all these persons to pay an equal amount for the damages caused.

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  1. Avatar for irfan waris

    Hi sir/mam
    My name is irfan waris i had an accedent before 5 month ago . i just want to know how i can claim for insurance please help me at this matter.

  2. Avatar for Song Kyoung Kim
    Song Kyoung Kim

    I had a car accident on 5th of May.
    Driver didn’t see me and reversed car and hit my back directly. It was in the parking.
    I am preparing documents now.

    I would like to know the cost and processes of the court.

  3. Avatar for Nitia Young

    my friend is a U.S. citizen whose currently doing business in Dubai, he was driving on an express way and didn’t see two kids on their bike coming his way and accidentally hit them. He called the police and helps taken them to the hospital. Both of the kids, I believe they’re 12 and 16 are seriously injured and needed surgery. He paid for their surgery and they’re now in coma. The police retained his passport and we’re devastated and don’t know what we should do next. Can you please advise?

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